Soarin’ Around the World Opens with New Interactive Game

Starting today, “Soarin’ Around the World” will depart on a brand new adventure at Epcot. This exciting, multi-sensory attraction allows Guests to embark on a breathtaking journey along the majestic Great Wall of China, through Monument Valley, and over the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Guests will also glide over the windy peak of Switzerland's Matterhorn mountain, by the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris and sail over Australia's spectacular Sydney Harbour!

Also starting today, passengers waiting to board may have the chance to play the Soarin’ Challenge, a travel-related trivia game unique to Epcot. Players can test their global knowledge by answering questions shown on the displays in the queue or use their personal mobile devices to compete against hundreds of other players.

Guests can work together to answer questions about culture, cuisine, history, landmarks and more. Those playing on their own mobile device can unlock achievements and digital passport stamps to keep track of their progress. This new experience will be going through its final "test flights" over the next few days before becoming a regular addition to the Soarin' queue.

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