Universal Gives a Glimpse of New King Kong Animatronic

We are all very excited about the new Reign of Kong themed area that will soon open at Islands of Adventure. Despite the fact that we are still waiting for the wall surrounding the area to come down, park fans are checking every day to make sure they are ready to let the community know if the attraction's entrance gate opens unexpectedly (a soft-opening is rumored to take place very soon).
In the meantime, the Universal Orlando Resort surprised us with a special video.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!
As part of their "Making Of" series, the latest video shows some of the details of the first indoor scene of the attraction that Guests will see after entering the majestic portal that stands behind the trees. But that is only a minor highlight of the video. There's a much, much bigger surprise in store...

Near the end of the video, Universal Orlando shows a small part of the massive Audio-Animatronic figure that will be featured in one of the very last scenes of this larger-than-life attraction.

The description that accompanies the video states that "as you near the finale of your heart-pounding expedition, you’ll be so close to the legendary beast that you can feel his breath sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body." Take a look:

And that is all for now. Be sure to continue to check back on OTPN for more Reign of Kong updates.

VIDEO & PHOTO: © 2016 Universal Orlando Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. It looks a lot with the ape from the old Kongfrontation ride. It also had the "breathing" feature with banana scent. Can anyone tell if that's the same animatronic?

  2. I definitely won't be. They aren't going to spend millions on a high tech ride to use an old relic in it. I highly doubt there will be banana breath either..

  3. They were testing it when we walked by earlier today. Saw the jeep driving by the wall in the front and then the big doors opened. Fog/mist all around the area & quite a bit of Kong merch in the main store in IoA. It can't be very long til that soft open.

  4. I sincerely hope that the bottled the old 'fake banana' smell of the line to get on to 'kongfrontation' will be piped around the area!


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