DisneyQuest Update: Uncertain Future for this Indoor Park

Walt Disney World's indoor interactive theme park has never looked worse. This once-popular destination has been a ghost town for the past few years due to the lack of major investments. In addition to that, many of DisneyQuest's games can now be played for free on tablets and other mobile devices, making this attraction even more irrelevant in this day and age. So, what will happen to this location? Will the NBA Experience ever materialize? That's still uncertain.

While we wait for additional information about its replacement, let's take a look around DisneyQuest:


Discounted admission is now available during the afternoon:


The hub of this indoor park:


The newest additions consist in multiple Fix It Felix machines (which were installed years ago):


The Wonderland Cafe was not open during our visit:


It's definitely a very relaxing place:


There are actually many more seating areas than in the past:


The fifth floor is the least popular area of DisneyQuest:


Ride the Comix may be gone, but there are still plenty of signs and props that bring back memories:


The Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam used to be one of the most popular attractions:


Even Disneyland Paris had a version of it:


The Underground Arcade is still quite popular:


The animation-themed area:


This is the only Animation Academy left on property:


Guests can still create their own CDs and print their own artworks:


Cyberspace Mountain:


The staleness of this place is often reflected in videos and graphics seen around the building:


The Adventure Zone is definitely still relevant:


Personal VR headsets available to most people nowadays...


On a positive note, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster is still very entertaining:


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  1. We went to DisneyQuest for the first time in May. Had a blast. It's a fun place. I hope Disney updates it and keeps it alive.

  2. I agree, we are planning an entire afternoon just to enjoy the retro stuff here.. they should embrace and build on the retro image and on top of that contrast to that by adding some of the latest VR stuff, the technology is so much better these days, it shouldn't be that hard to innovate and wow people with game sets using the latest VR TECHNOLOGY

  3. I've had to leave a comment about this as when we visited Florida it was a total wash out and rained nearly for an entire week. DisneyQuest turned out to be a life saver we had so much fun there that week before the weather improved. I'd be gutted if they got rid of this place as it's brilliant to bring the whole family either in bad weather or one evening when down at Downtown Disney. PLEASE DONT CLOSE THIS!!!



  4. I visited DisneyQuest back in the day when it had first opened and recently last December. It's so depressing how Disney has essentially left this place to rot. The same can be said about Epcot as well, as most of the once thriving pavilions are now left empty and without purpose. This just goes to show the dramatic shift in the company that has taken place over the past 10 years with Iger, starting with Eisner's last few years. It's really a shame.
    I actually just left my job with the WDW after two years because of this shift in direction. I still enjoy visiting the parks... it's just not the same that it used to be.

  5. Sorry for all the Disneyquest lovers but as a gamer I think it's not worth the price off admission. Although I loved the concept, the animation in the elevator and unique offerings when it opened, it's a dump now.

    My hope is Disney is replacing this with a Disney museum. The Disney exhibit in DHS (the man and his story) doesn't belong in a theme park. I hear a lot of positives about The Walt Disney Family Museum and they have a enormous collection they can't show. To have one at Disney Springs would be very cool and I would gladly pay a few bucks to see it.

  6. I quite like the idea of turning it (at least partially) into a permanent Walt Disney Exhibit. I don't think One Man's Dream will be at DHS forever, so a shift and expansion to a more open venue would be a great idea.

    I do think that something like this would be better in a completely new building though, something that would be more suited to the style of he exhibit, and not just a massive box. They could re-theme it into a station (as Walt loved trains) for the elevated train line that now runs through the West Side.

    Something like that could work really well, if priced reasonably.

  7. I thought I heard it was going to be a NBA themed establishment once DisneyQuest closes.

  8. Just to clarify so other people are not confused, there is not an elevated train line running through the West Side of Disney Springs. The back story of Disney Springs is that there used to be an elevated train there, but it was removed. A small portion of the train remains.

    Personally, I think it looks wildly out of place. But, it does provide a little shade.

  9. The NBA deal fell through from what I heard. @Alex I completely agree. If there was seating on top like they originally planned, it would make a lot more sense.


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