Reign of Kong Update: Testing the Fire Effects and More

Now that exterior construction is quickly wrapping up in the future Reign of Kong area, fans of Orlando's theme parks are even more excited about experiencing the new attraction that will open in conjunction with this small (yet great) land.
In this photo-update, we will show you some of the work that has been done since last week. Additionally, you will also notice that some of the fire effects are being tested while the attraction vehicles continue to cycle along the ride path.

First of all, let's take a look at the temporary extended queue:

Fans will certainly be needed this summer:

This facade never ceases to amaze us:

An unthemed light pole will be used to illuminate the facade:

As previously mentioned, fire effects were turned on during the day:

The torches installed on either side of the entrance arch have been uncovered:

This whole area will look even better at night:

A look at the land from Jurassic Park:

Behind the walls:

Notice the finished merchandise kiosk:

Let's now take a look at the area from above:

We were able to spot a truck going around:

A closer look at the fire effects:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Looks great! Now they just need to replace MIB with a Jaws overlay. They could even do sharknado to cut costs and have flying sharks in the New York sets. Getting eaten by Jaws at the end and hitting the scuba tank would be epic!

    I hope that Kong still has banana breath like old times

  2. This attraction looks so dull in the daylight. Should be the world's first Night Time Only ride

  3. I thought the cheesy glow in dark Avatar ride is going to be the first they even have projections on the home tree.

    Got to hand it to Universal they started this years after Soarin over Avatar and will open at least a a full year before it with a custom ride system instead of a clone like Disney. Universal is doing the stuff Walt used to do

  4. LOL Custom Ride System? I believe there are plenty of trackless systems out there including use in manufacturing where the system really started, ie paper mills. This ride only has a couple sets the rest is more video screens. WooHoo what Universal really needed more screens. Ground Breaking work there.

  5. Thanks for another great update! 👍

  6. lol so many whiners

  7. Its a flat bed truck, with benches mounted on it. Its not invented the wheel.

    Aside from that, quit comparing companies, its pointless.

    The ride should be good on its own, it doesn't need rabid hyped Uni fanboy support, nor will any amount of rabid Dis fanboy disdain will change that.

  8. I'm mad that there is no massive giftshop or pricey themed resturant. Plus not even one character meet and greet or dance party. Who wants to pay a $100 to go on a flat bed truck with benches that was invented in a paper mill according to the comments above. This looks terrible they should have spent 8 years to clone an ride they already have and made the ride vechile a magical dragon.

    How can they open something without a $10 cupcake or expensive packages to ride it early or late with cupcakes? At least do King Kong summer fun and have a ten person parade that I can pay $80 dollars extra to watch with reserved seating and cupcakes.

  9. The first time I saw an $8 dollar hotdog? At a Famous Nathon's kiosk by Jurassic Park, IOA, Universal Orlando.

    The first time I was offered premium parking for a fee? Universal Orlando.

    We can start discussing massive giftshops with their how much? plastic "magical wands" and high priced Weasley candy and 'magical' tricks etc, and the themed restaurants all across Uni land if you want.
    The paid front of line access at Universal if you want.
    The hotel at Universal that suddenly doesn't give you the same early/front access as the others if you want.

    Get over it. Universal is as profit seeking as any other business. If you can't understand that, you're hopeless.

  10. "The first time I saw an $8 dollar hotdog? At a Famous Nathon's kiosk by Jurassic Park, IOA, Universal Orlando.

    The first time I was offered premium parking for a fee? Universal Orlando."

    You must not visit Disney very often.

  11. $10.95 hotdogs at the Magic Kingdom @ Casey's Corner

  12. 8$ for a plain hot dog on a bun, with the standard bag of lays chips

    10$ at Casey gets you what?

    Point is, again fanboys, it's all WAY overpriced.

    Slice it and dice it anyway you want. But you keep going, you keep paying for this stuff, nobody forces you, and all you got is fanboyisms.

  13. At the Super Bowl this year I paid $26 for 2 hot dogs. They came with nothing.

  14. Majin' the look on all they faces when dat big goorilla be jumpin' out skeerin' all the younguns... I mean, chop my legs, and call me shorty. This ain't nothing like what is in Georgia at the Six Flags.... Hot Dogs? You can't hannel the Hot Dogs!! An I ain't payin for parkin no how... I'll get cousin Cleatus to drop us off at the front door.... And if you take in one of those Time Sharing Tours, you can git Disnee tickets fer free......

  15. Hi everyone. I've been following these updates as I'm going to be visiting Universal on May 15/16. Is there any chance (or likelihood) that Kong might have a soft opening by then. It's just over a month away...

    Does anyone know when Hulk might re-open ?


  16. Headed out from AZ first week of June. Maybe Kong and Hulk will be open by then???


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