Mako Construction Update: Coaster Station Takes Shape

SeaWorld Orlando's brand-new coaster will open just a few weeks from today.
Mako will undoubtedly become the park's most iconic attraction when it officially debuts later this spring, promising to deliver over-the-top thrills and some quite interesting thematic elements that will improve the overall look of an area of the park that has always looked a bit dated. As you will see, some of these new additions have already been unveiled. Let's explore the Shark Wreck Reef.

First of all, a new sign welcomes Guests entering into the newly-renamed themed land:

More props have been installed nearby:

A temporary Shark Encounter sign has been installed nearby:

A permanent sign will be installed soon right here:

Let's now take a look at the coaster itself:

More themed elements will be installed on some of the supports:

The queue and loading/unloading areas are taking shape behind the walls:

Take a quick look behind the walls:

Mako is now featured on the updated park map:

It's time to get a panoramic view of the area:

Notice the coaster station:

A few more photos of the area:

Work is also being done in the outdoor queue area:

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