Earfell Tower Demolished at Disney's Hollywood Studios

What has been considered by many as the original icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios is now gone. The Earfell Tower (its name was conceived as an homage to the famed Eiffel Tower in Paris) was removed overnight at the park, leaving a rather large empty space in the backstage area where this icon once stood.
While the news of its sudden removal certainly caught everyone by surprise, the demolition of the Earffel Tower was confirmed by Disney several months ago.

This recognizable landmark, which sported giant, illuminated Mickey Mouse ears, originally featured the logo of Disney-MGM Studios. It was repainted in early 2008 with the theme park’s new name and logo.

If the giant, mouse-eared structure had a hat, the size would be a whopping 342 & 3/4ths. This fun fact has been shared by many Disney fans in the past, and it's surely one of the most interesting ones.

Will you miss the Earfell Tower? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I certainly remember taking many Backlot tram tours past the Earfell Tower. I always wondered if it was just a decoration or if it really held water!

    While one water tower was demolished, another one arises at Disney Springs. Sometimes, we are sad to see something go, but it is good that Disney is moving forward with Star Wars land and Toy Story Land. Hopefully, as ride capacity gets added to the park, they will change out some of the shows in DHS that are dated, too. Some of the video segments in the Voyage of the Little Mermaid are quite grainy when projected on the screen. If you are an annual pass holder, you can almost recite the script to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, and it was the same with Lights, Motors, Action.

    I am looking forward to the progress in Hollywood Studios, and I commend Disney for keeping Animal Kingdom open longer in the evenings to make up for the lack of things to do in Hollywood Studios. New offerings are on the horizon!

  2. I always loved the "with it" the Earful Tower stood for to me. It was a symbol that Disney knows how to have fun - at least to me . Too bad there's no place for it in the outer rim.

  3. I liked the playfulness of the tower, but was never attached to it. Never saw it as the icon of the park like Spaceship Earth or the Castle are. I agree with you Mike that it seems kind of a shame it can't be easily set up someplace else.

    For us the icon of the park is Tower of Terror.
    Likewise for us at Animal Kingdom its Everest, not the tree. Something just overly contrived or too hard sell about the tree. Being a central structure in the park doesn't make it an icon or symbol. Hard to describe, but for some the Castle at MK isn't that for them, its Space Mountain or Splash. Maybe Pirates. When I think Disneyland I think Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Anyway. Life moves on as they say

  4. The park icon has and will be the Chinese theater it's only in this park unlike Tower of Terror and it has the prime castle spot for fireworks and being the thing that draws you deeper into the park. When the park becomes movie franchise land park the elegant movie theatre in the center will hold it all together. The ride needs to be updated badly and would be great if it was all screen based and updated with the latest films.

    I wonder what the new name for the park formerly known as the Studos park will be. Has any major park had so many name changes and new logos? It's the red headed step child of the Disney parks as its father is Universal Studios Hollywood and it was a love child born out of jealously to Universal Studios Orlando being built.

  5. It was a Disney icon and when driving up to the parks it will be sorely missed.They should relocate it somewhere else personally I don't like all the changes they keep making.

  6. As we see, trying to manufacture the icon and what people SEE as the icon can be entirely different.

    For years the theater was hidden by the hat, and most people don't even know what it is. I've never met anyone who says "oh yeah, the park with the Chinese Theater!" The theater is part of that hollywood era gone by, even as it the real thing continues to exist in Hollywood. The park is shifting, sure looks like to me, from classic hollywood to current popular movies. Star Wars, Pixar, Indy Jones, these are all continuing movie lines - unlike most of the movies represented in the great movie ride an the ear The Studios sought to portray in its original state.

    Disney has a real identity crisis on its hands. Both at this park and its entire corporation.