Reign of Kong Update: Ride Vehicles Testing Continues

The mysterious Reign of Kong themed area is going to be unveiled very soon.
While we have been stating that far too many times, we are really getting close now. In addition to the fact that the majority of the exterior work has almost been completed, ride vehicles have been testing for weeks now, meaning that we are getting closer to possible soft openings in the coming two or three months (if not earlier). Let's take another look around this new land while we wait for it to open.

As we reported earlier, the extended queue for the new attraction will be partially located in a backstage area. This is surely going to be temporary, as the exterior queue seems to be long enough:

More plants have been planted next to the facade:

A long wire (or rope) was hanging from the top of the building:

Lights have been turned on around the area. They look great:

The entrance sign for the new Reign of Kong attraction:

The entrance arch looks very intimidating:

Walking away from the area:

Here you are some behind-the-wall photos of the entrance area:

Notice the merchandise cart:

It's time to take a closer look at the area from above:

New cameras have been installed around the entrance:

Details, details everywhere:

Notice the ride vehicle:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Not sure how the mountain range looks in person but it looks amazing in photos. Nice work.

  2. The mountain range looks great in person!
    Also, I believe those are spotlights with different colored gels to illuminate the area at night, and not cameras. There's a similar set up to light up the Hogwarts castle near the JP bridge.


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