Reign of Kong Update: Additional Themed Lights and Props

We are getting very close. In just a few months, Islands of Adventure Guests will finally get to experience one of the most immersive and thrilling dark ride ever created. If all the details seen on the exterior of this attraction reflect the look of what's inside (and we are sure they do), it's going to be a very intense ride.
This afternoon we will stop by the Reign of Kong area to see what has changed since our last visit. We hope you'll enjoy this quick tour of this mysterious island.

Rain is finally coming back to Central Florida:

It appears that the exterior queue might be temporarily extended into backstage areas. Notice the fans:

The small food & beverage kiosk seems to be ready:

More themed lights have started to appear in other areas surrounding the attraction:

The foliage that has been planted in front of the queue area looks great:

The entrance portal continues to receive more additions:

The secondary kiosk near the ride's exit also looks ready:

A look behind the walls reveals the addition of some barrels and other props:

Let's now take a look from above:

Queue railings can now be clearly seen from Camp Jurassic:

The wait time sign:

We didn't spot anything new in the rest of this area:

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