New Inside Out Character Greeting Opens April 3 at Epcot

The Walt Disney World Resort has officially confirmed that the new Inside Out-themed character greeting location will open to Guests on April 3, 2016.
In this new area located in the expanded Epcot Character Spot (which is slowly taking over the space formerly occupied by Innoventions West), Guests will be able to journey through Riley’s long-term memory, catching a glimpse of her own Islands of Personality, and then meet Joy and Sadness at the Headquarters.


  1. Well, I'm glad they're doing something with some of that empty space... maybe they could move Leave a Legacy in there and rebuild the entrance plaza. Or put in a WDW Blue Sky Cellar. Or an EPCOT Center history exhibit/store. Or a D23 headquarters. Or an ABC News media center. Anything.

  2. Are the characters going to sign autograph despite that Joy and Sadness will only have one picture per family (i heard about it from Disney)