Universal Studios Update: Work Proceeding Fast (PART 1)

Universal Studios Florida Guests have a lot to look forward to in the near future.
In addition to the new Nintendo themed area (coming later on), two brand-new attractions will open in the New York and San Francisco themed sections of the park, and work on these new experiences is definitely not slowing down. Indeed, as you will see in the photos included in this post, massive demolition is taking place in both locations. Universal Orlando is definitely not slowing down.

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida:

The look of the park's main street will hopefully improve in the next few years:

The new building behind the Universal Studios Store continues to take shape:

According to rumors, the building will house equipment used for Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem:

By the way, the dance party at the exit of the attraction was discontinued months ago:

Guests can now meet some of the minions from the Despicable Me movie series:

Minion goggles. Very clever gift idea:

Back outside, we noticed that an even larger part of the former Twister building has been gutted:

Guests can now literally see through he entire building:

The New York theme will hopefully extend to this area:

Nearby, one of the flat New York facades is being refurbished:

Walking around New York City:

The Straight Outta Food Truck group is now performing in the New York bus stop area:

It appears that the sign of the Revenge of the Mummy ride is being refurbished:

The sign that can be seen here looks temporary:

San Francisco:

The amount of work that is being done in this area is simply mind-blowing:

A large portion of the old Disaster building is now a thing of the past:

By the way, the beige building seen in the back is the station of the Hogwarts Express:

Themed walls have been installed in the area:

One of the San Francisco facades is still behind a themed tarp:



  1. Now my kids are older universal is becoming our main attraction area when we visit Orlando, it's designs and layout are for the more grown up child but why do they believe everyone wants 3D rides???
    I get the fact that it saves on space but many of us like the old style rides, how about a mix!!, universal is fast becoming a 3D area ONLY and that will push people back to Disney, before you say it, Yes they have Rocket roller coaster and men in black but that's it in universal and the latter is sadly leaving the park this year if the rumours are true, and don't count IOA as many people don't pay for both parks when they visit.
    Universal your better than this, need to start listening to guests.

  2. It's how they can open up new attractions every year. I not been since Sept 2011 and going back Sept this year and in that time they added minions ride, Transformers,Springfield and a flat ride,Harry potter new area with 2 new rides,Parade and King Kong. On the other hand Disney added Circus world,New fantasyland with 2 new rides,meet and greets,Frozen sing a long,Club Disney,River of light,Frozen ride,New Soarin and new parades.

  3. That is not true at all! Every universal attraction has a unique concept and appeal to them! If you are trying to compare it to Disney, Disney is the best at dark rides or was the best at building those! Universal is best at a motion simulator hence why they have quite a few! If you want a ride without a motion simulator at the original park, go to mummy, rip ride, mib, ET, Harry Potter escape gringrotts, hurl and twirl, and there are many fantastic shows that require glasses for 3D effects such as terminator, shrek! And there are also motion simulators like minions, transformers, Simpsons! Bottomline get your facts straight when creating an argument because Universal has its motion simulators patented and building TRADTIONAL rides are also something they do to with currently building King Kong!

  4. I think people get hung up on the idea that a 3D dark ride is going to be something similar to the cinema experience that you get in Shrek 3D or Muppetvision, or to a certain extent Soarin'.

    The dark rides that Universal are creating are entirely different, with the tracks and sets and immersive nature of the experience where you geniunely feel like you are in the action.

    I love the traditional and new style rides, and I'm pleased that they keep producing more and taking it to a new level.

  5. 1) Screen rides are cheaper
    2) Screen rides often take less space
    3 Screen rides more easily meet ADA accessibility requirements.

    #3 Has had a MAJOR impact on the industry.

    Phrases that should be banned "the next level"

  6. Both Transformers and Spiderman are very similar, just different characters. My sons are in their late teens and they find Universal boring. It does need more rollercoaster style rides. That's what older kids want. More thrills are needed. Watching a screen over and over again is not thrilling.

  7. For long distance travelers like me from UK the experience has to be something special. There are loads of theme parks. I thought I would miss the history and icons, Jaws and Kong were special .
    But good on Uni for updating.
    It wouldn't take much effort for Disney to have filmed the new soarin film.
    Simulator rides can be rebranded easily. As they have done with back to the future and Jimmy neutron. Same old ride, new experience.

  8. Just as Cedar Point (or Magic Mountain) is the Coaster Capital of the world, we're just going to have to accept that Universal is the Simulator Capital of the world. And the fact is revenue, attendance, and profits continue to rise, so clearly they're doing something right.

  9. I'd love a new roller coaster at US or IOA, but the footprint that would be needed is something I'd guess Universal would be unwilling to commit to, given the restricted space to develop on at each site. The adaptibility and lower cost that a dark ride offers is the easier option.

    A coaster in the space that is occupied by Fear Factor and Men in Black would be awesome (but I'd hate to see Men in Black go, it's a unique interactive ride at either park).

    Maybe they are planning some great coasters in the newly acquired land for a future park, although that is years away.

  10. Rides at Universal are like Groundhog's Day. Same ride over and over again, just different characters. Minions, Shrek, and Simpsons, all the same. Spiderman (awesome) and Transformers (not awesome), the same. All I hear is how awesome everything is, but it's simply not that great. Folks are so busy tearing Disney down constantly that they are desperate to exagerrate how great Universal is. So much is off and dated with Universal (Lost Continent, Kidzone, ET, etc.) that it's comical to hear the kudos for the place. Thank goodnes they are finally replacing Beetlejuice, Disaster, and Twister, or the long list of duds would be even longer. More Kool aid anyone?

  11. PLOT TWIST!!

    What if the land that Universal just bought on Universal Blvd. was for a massive Coaster park? It's been considered before by other companies - notably "Orlando Thrill Park" that was cancelled by Festival Bay Mall - and there's the Skyplex being built on I-drive over the next few years that will open up competition...

  12. I think they are going all out on theses 3 rides. King Kong on a new piece of land, Twister the whole building as been gutted as well as the queue line and disaster the building as been partly knocked down as well as the building next door so it looks like it's also gonna be a big attraction.

  13. " More Kool aid anyone?"

    *Fart noise*

  14. What are they putting in place of twister and disaster?


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