Reign of Kong Update: Taking a Peek Inside the Building

This Reign of Kong photo-update is quite special, as it includes something that we have personally not seen before. While construction walls still surround the entire area, the large gates in front of the building that houses the new Reign of Kong attraction have been opened again, revealing one large and ominous prop that represents the very mysterious tone of this brand-new themed area.
Join us as we explore an uncharted land ruled not by man... but by a giant ape.

First of all, let's take a look at the area from Toon Lagoon:

Plenty of new trees and shrubs are being added to the area:

The new plants will soon hide the majority of the facade to create a more mysterious atmosphere:

Themed light fixtures are starting to appear:

The main entrance to the Reign of Kong area keeps getting better and better:

A lot of work continues to be done behind the walls:

Let's take a peek:

A new, covered walkway is taking shape. Could it be the exit path?:

Notice the (covered) Reign of Kong sign on the rockwork next to the tree:

Let's take a look at the new sign at the entrance of the attraction:

The rest of the area looks amazing:

It's now time to view the area from above:

Here's a peek of the interior of the building, as we promised. As you can see, there is large ape skull:

It's time to leave the area. We'll be back soon, though.

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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  1. Great update guys, can't wait to ride this!


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