Reign of Kong Update: Massive Gates Unveiled Once More

The footprint occupied by the new Reign of Kong attraction is truly unbelievable.
Despite the fact that we have followed closely this construction progress in the past two years, we continue to be amazed by the massive space that this new themed area is being built on, as well as the attention to details that is now seen in most of the latest additions that have opened at the Universal Orlando Resort.
This evening we'll share some photos of the new Reign of Kong area with you.

Let's begin with a panoramic view of the area (photos taken from Camp Jurassic):

The large entrance gates that were already spotted a few weeks ago have been unveiled once again:

More work continues to do nearby:

Back on the ground:

Here you are some great behind-the-wall pictures of the area:

The entrance arch looks much more menacing now thanks to its new color scheme:

Notice the nets that will separate the outdoor queue from the ride path:

The new food & beverage cart continues to take shape near the Reign of Kong attraction:

New canes have been planted nearby to hide the facade from Toon Lagoon:

We will be back soon with a general Islands of Adventure update. Stay tuned.

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  1. Question about the food and beverage cart. On another update it appeared to be connected to the overflow que. Are u sure it's not for lockers?

  2. @Andrew: It is very unlikely that the structure will be used as an area for lockers, as the ride will not require them (it's not going to be a coaster or an attraction with extreme movements). In addition to that, a snack kiosk was located in the same area before the construction walls surrounded the area, leading us to believe that it will come back.

  3. hi my family are going on the 1st week of june any ideas if this or hulk will be open by then?

  4. I am planning on going the last week of July. Will this or the hulk be open?

  5. @Anon: Hopefully. All we know now is "Summer 2016" on both of them

  6. Do we have any idea when they might start launching a soft opening?


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