Islands of Adventure Update: More Coaster Track Installed

Universal's Islands of Adventure will be under the spotlight this summer, thanks to the return of The Incredible Hulk Coaster and the debut of the completely new Reign of Kong themed area that is still under construction near Jurassic Park.
This afternoon we will take a look at the progress that has been done in the area occupied by The Incredible Hulk Coaster while also exploring the other themed areas of the park to see what's new and what has changed since our last visit.

Temporary walls are up around the cart located next to the Lost Explorers Hall:

The Dining Reservation Cart located just outside of Confisco Grille has been upgraded to include interactive reservation screens that allow Guests to conveniently view menus and make reservations:

Let's take a quick look around Seuss Landing:

The Lost Continent:

Walls have been moved on the opposite side of the artisans' shop:

The other side has been completely refurbished:


Jurassic Park:

The jeep in front of the Spinosaurus is still missing:

The jeep in front of the T-Rex is also missing:

Toon Lagoon:

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls is currently closed for its annual refurbishment:

All the nets in the queue have been partially removed:

Walls are up on each side of the bridge:

Sweet Haven recently reopened after having been down for refurbishment:

Wimpy's sign has a new color scheme:

Me Ship, The Olive has also been completely repainted:

The water blasters now only accept tokens:

The former VIP lounge is now reserved to Team Members:

Marvel Superhero Island:

Work continues around the lagoon:

Getting closer to The Incredible Hulk Coaster:

Coaster track:

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  1. The Jeep and Mercedes SUV's were back on Sunday the 7th, and on the bus ride back to Cabana Bay Resort you could clearly see a large portion of the rear of The Hulk Coaster had been installed!

  2. Any idea on when Dudley is supposed to reopen from its refurb?

    Thanks for all your updates! Much appreciated!

  3. The hulk track has a slightly different layout on the backside than the original. It will be interesting to see what they do with the indoor queue.

  4. Different layout? No, looks like the exact same layout. I hope you are right, but looks the same

  5. Great pics. Can you get some of the new water park and hotel on your next trip?

  6. Your pics were already outdated when you posted them because they are moving so fast. They have already completed most of the track on the backside and have even put one of the loops together. check this link of an update done on 2-10-16 and it shows all the progress they have done so far.