Universal Studios Update: Old Outdoor Theater Demolition

Since the closure of the Beetlejuice show had been postponed last December, some fans might have thought that Universal Studios Florida was not in a hurry to remove the San Francisco theater. That assumption proved to be wrong.
In fact, in true Universal Orlando style, the theater (including the themed stage, seating area, roof, and everything behind it) completely disappeared in a matter of days. And that's just one of the major projects taking place in the park.

Join us and take a look around Universal Studios Florida to see what changed since our last visit:

Work on the new Hello Kitty shop continues near Hollywood Boulevard:

Work also continues on the future Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon attraction:

Twister's entrance awning was removed weeks ago:

Universal's Superstar Parade:

The demolition of the outdoor theater in San Francisco has been almost completed:

Part of the building housing Disaster! has also been demolished:

One of San Francisco's facades is now behind tarps:

The walls in front of Disaster's former entrance have been slightly moved to the right:

One of the newer entertainment acts found in this area of the park:

Let's now take a look around the park:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Would have been a great photo update except your pictures are old now. The Beetlejuice archway has been removed for almost a week now.

  2. Thank you very much for the update! Love the pics!

  3. 5.41 anonymous

    Feel free to do better!
    At least you are getting to see the images.

    Thanks Admin for all of your recent updates, I fully understand the time and effort that goes into this, and that you cant simply "upload" the images.

    Anonymous could do with remembering that this is a free site, for the fans, by fans...

  4. When are all the attractions going to be open?

  5. I also appreciate your photo updates, they are the main reason I come to this site. I can always count on high quality regular updates from the parks.

    I noticed the removed the Beetlejuice letters from the arch before they took it down. I wonder if these will go on sale at the new prop shop?

  6. What are they doing with the Fear Factor Theater?

  7. Thank you for the pictures. I appreciate the work and time put into these updates. You have an eye for finding the details in the parks. Been visiting this site for years.

  8. I don't care if the pics were taken last week it's hard work running a web site in between going to work and kids. There not enough days in the week to offer dairy park updates to Magic Kingdom.Epcot,Disney Hollywood studios,Animal Kingdom,Disney Springs,Disney resorts.Universal Studios,Islands of adventure and Sea world. They also offer updates to Other Orlando attractions as well. Your doing a great job and can't wait to see the parks again in person in Sept. Great update as always

  9. Thank you very much for the support, everyone! We work hard to bring you fresh photo-updates on most days, but there are some days in which we find ourselves running behind because of the sheer amount of photos we take from different locations. We usually post photos that are one or two days old.

    @Andy Hanson: We apologize for the late response, but we are still trying to figure out why you are seeing our photos on the small side on the iPad. Are you still having this issue? Please, let us know. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. Hi yes the pics are normal size on the IPad again but just checked back to your Hulk photo update and the pic's are still very small. There was another update before that with both big and little photos.