Reign of Kong Update: Huge Entrance Arch Gets Painted

This will be without a doubt one of the most exciting years ever for the Universal Orlando Resort, especially since a brand-new dark ride is scheduled to open this summer at Islands of Adventure, and that's in addition to the refurbished Incredible Hulk Coaster, the new Sapphire Falls Resort (opening just behind the new King Kong-themed attraction) and the small Hello Kitty experience taking shape at Universal Studios. Today we will focus on the new Reign of Kong ride.

As you will see, while it may appear that very little progress was made in the past few days, there are plenty of new details to check out in the area. As always, we'll begin by taking a close look at the facade:

One of the large rock formations has been covered with a tarp:

The mountain range appears to be almost completely painted:

The covered queue is now receiving a lot of attention as you can see in the photos below:

The entrance arch is now completely painted. It definitely blends very well with the rest of the area:

The newer rockwork located next to the arch still needs to receive its first coat of paint:

The rest of the building rumored to be part of the indoor queue is also being painted:

Here you are some behind-the-wall photos of the area:

We truly cannot wait to enter this mysterious land. It is interesting that the Universal Orlando Resort has not officially announced the opening date for this new addition yet. We wonder why:

It's time to go to Camp Jurassic to get a bird's eye view of the area:

Here's again the massive facade and the new Sapphire Falls Resort peeking behind the trees:

Those who love rockwork will be very glad to explore this area:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. What if the movie flops?

    Will universal fanboys and their short attention spans really tolerate such a permanent ride?

    1. King Kong is a classic. Even if a new movie flops this should always be in Universal Parks.

  2. Your sad reaction shows you know nothing about this project.
    This ride uses the estetics of the former Kong movie by Peter Jackson but has nothing to do with that movie story wise nor with the upcomming movie. It's an original story (unlike most Disney rides that rehash the same story as the movie, how creative).
    I'm glad Kong returns to Universal in a new form and can't wait to see the huge AA of the big ape.
    Thanks for the photo's.

  3. I like both Universal and Disney, the Otto's comment is interesting because of how many rides at Universal that are based on movies...

    1) Despicable Me
    2) Shrek
    3) Transformers
    4) Revenge of the Mummy
    5) Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts
    6) Hogwarts Express
    7) Men in Black
    8) E.T.
    9) Terminator 2 3D
    10) Spiderman
    11) Jurassic Park
    12) Skull Island (different story but certainly being built at least in part because of the movie)
    13) Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

  4. I think that Otto's comment is more geared towards the narrative of the ride. A large proportion of Disney rides in MK are reproductions of what happens in the movie. Thats fine by me because it fits in with the intended audience. With Universal it has always been about 'extending' the world/story - not necessarily reproducing a movie.

    I'm quite excited by what they do with this adventure, and personally would like to see a steer away from 3D dark rides. Transformers, spiderman, T2-3D, F&F, Shrek, Despicable Me, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It's been done already - whats the next evolution??!

  5. Not related to Kong, but they've started to reassemble The Hulk. Excited to see the some progress pictures in the next few IOA updates!

  6. Only fanboy delusion can separate Kong 'the rude' from the movies that created Kong.

  7. Actually, Skull Island is going to be a Warner Bros. movie and will have nothing to do with the upcoming ride, regardless of whatever success may occur. I guess Universal fanboys (myself included BTW) aren't the only ones with short attention spans.

  8. What about the actual unit on the roof. Are they going to paint it?

  9. What about the actual unit on the roof. Are they going to paint it?

  10. This is amazing. Well done Universal Creative. Islands of Adventure is quickly becoming one of the best theme parks in the world imo. A retheme of Lost Continent and losing the cheap carnival feel of Marvel island and it very well could be.

  11. @Jason What Liam says. All those rides don't tell the story of the movie but expands on the story. I wish Disney would do that also because if your kid has seen Frozen a billion times it would be nice to see another story in that same universe when you are in the parks.

    @Andrew Marcou I'm sure they find a way to hide the AC from view, the ride is far from done.

    @danielz6 I'm wondering how Universal does redo the Hulk. It will be the template for the rest of the island I guess. But I'm afraid it will always have the comic aesthetics and not the Disney/Marvel one.


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