Hollywood Studios Update: More Walls Appear (PART 1)

After noticing all the construction going on at the same time at Universal Studios Florida it might feel disheartening to see nothing going on at Hollywood Studios.
Fortunately, it seems that work on the new themed lands coming to Disney's movie-themed park is finally beginning. In the past weeks, numerous temporary walls were installed around areas of Echo Lake and the Streets of America, and that is just the beginning, as more areas of the park will close very soon.

Welcome to the Hollywood that never was and that will always be:

It looks like the newer, less intrusive stage is here to stay. It is much better than its predecessor:

The new "Adventure Happens Here" dance party takes place daily starting from 5 p.m.:

Entering Animation Courtyard:

Stormtroopers walking around the area:

Wait times for the character greeting locations found within the Star Wars Launch Bay are now featured outside the building:

The lighting inside the attraction has dramatically improved:

The lighting is now dim, and that definitely improves the overall appearance of the area:

Darth Vader will soon leave to make way for Kylo Ren:

The lighting has also been adjusted in the area with the game consoles:

We found Waldo:

A new Zootopia preview is now being shown in the Walt Disney Theater:

The preview is very entertaining and features exclusive footage from the movie:

The Mickey Mouse character greeting location now has numerous new signs:

Pixar Place:

Toy Story Mania closes at 7 p.m. due to fireworks:

Moving on:

The Studio Backlot Tour closed more than a year ago but they have still not removed even the props that adorned the old queue of the attraction:

Everything on this sign (with the exception of Muppet*Vision 3D) will close in April:

The "mysterious" crates that appeared in this area some years ago have been removed:

The Streets of America:

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