Rivers of Light Update: New Lighting Equipment Installed

Next year will be one of the most exciting years ever for the Walt Disney World Resort (and for all the other theme parks in the area). Soarin' Around the World, Frozen Ever AfterSunset Safari, nighttime entertainment at Animal Kingdom, and other unannounced additions are expected to debut in the coming months.
Out of all the new experiences that will come to the parks in 2016, one of the most exciting will definitely be Animal Kingdom's Rivers of Light nighttime show.

This spectacular presentation will not only be mesmerizing to see; it will also "force" the park to remain open later, giving Guests the chance to explore the rest of this amazing theme park after sunset.

Let's take a look around the Rivers of Light amphitheater. The construction zone is currently very active:

One of the control booths for the show:

The second (main) control booth:

As you can see, plenty of work was being done during the day:

The rest of the amphitheater:

The new island:

Another new building continues to be take shape among the trees:

As mentioned in the title of this update, new lighting equipment has been installed nearby:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. I still don't understand how little seating there seems to be.

  2. I agree about the limited number of seats. It looks like it might become a fastpass+ only experience because of the seating. No fastpass = no show. (And you wont be able to watch from the walkway because there will be CM's stationed there to keep the guest flow moving.)

  3. World of Color is still basically a "ticketed" show experience. The wonderful thing about World of Color (and most likely Rivers of Light) is that it can be shown multiple times each night without a huge "reset" time. When World of Color launched, it was being shown 3-4 times a night.

    The lack of seating will be an issue though. They need to do it like Disneyland does where you get a "fast pass" that DOES NOT count towards your limits.

    At the same time, building a Fantasmic size theater would have been awful looking. At least they built down and not up so the view of the mountain is not ruined. Going to be interesting to see how this show plays out. World of Color (the old version, not the new version which I hate) was a masterpiece and by far the best thing Disney has created in YEARS. Give us an amazing, 30 minute journey through the Animal based movies and they will have a winner.

  4. I'm not a fan of this project. It seems like a great visual intrusion on what was a very natural looking beautiful setting. It is not a good location for this type of show like Paradise bay or Epcots lagoon are. Oh well this is already one of my least favorite parks and this and Avatarland are not good decisions imo.

  5. I didn't realize WoC has changed. I've yet to see either version. What's different about it now?

  6. unlike some of you, i'll withhold my judgment until its complete

  7. Interesting to say the least. I too will wait to judge until it's actually done. The last time I went to Animal Kingdom, it only took about half a day to see everything I wanted to see, so maybe this will help reel me into the park to stay longer!

  8. When I worked at Disney this summer they did say one side will be fastpass ad dinner package(similar to Fantasmic) and the other half is stand by but the show will presented 3-4 times a night to accommodate the crowds.

  9. Not sure what al, this 'don't judge' stuff is directed at.

    I do not like the location of this show either, for reasons mentioned above. It's a valid 'personal judgement' , Opinion, based on observable facts and personal preference. This judgement doesn't require anything beyond what is knowable: the location.

    I hope it becomes more overgrown, weathered looking. Ancient ruin looking.

    As well, I can 'judge' my own future enjoyment of the show to a high degree,, for the nature of the show's production and likely subject matter is fairly well known. This is no different from choosing a movie based on its trailer, a restaurant based on its menu, etc.

    Is there enough seating? Define 'enough'.

    That some of you "won't judge until I see it" is fine, but you see, you've already made a judgement - to see it. You like the trailer so you're going to the movie. Just don't be so cindescending towards those that saw the same trailer and decided not to go to the movie.

  10. I've never seen the construction site (watching the pictures from my parents basement) and can't judge it at all, but i know it's not big enough! I've heard there are only 900 seats and the rest is all standing. Also, I've never seen the World of Colors, but I didn't like it on youtube and I heard that this show is going to be the exact same show, just with animals. Sounds stupid. I wrote to Walt Disney and asked him to bring back Horizons and suggested a 'classic attractions park' Now that would work. This seems like a waste of money. I'm very sad about this.

  11. Last Anonymous:

    World of Color is a masterpiece in story telling. You get to experience all the classic Disney/Pixar films in a new way with a lot of new animations created just for the show.

    It's hard to really "feel" it on YouTube. I am not the person to get emotional...I never cry. However, near the end of World of Color, I am not ashamed to admit I teared up. It is the first, and only, time Disney has made me get emotional in the parks. It is a true sensory overload and something that needs to be experienced once in your life time. The new version (for the 60th anniversary) is not the best though. They better bring back the first version when the 60th is over.

    With that said, this new show is NOT going to be World of Color. It is a NEW show. Yes it will feature only water (and maybe fire) but NO fireworks. However, the water will be nothing like World of Color since the fountains will just be on "barges" and not the sinking platform of thousands of jets like World of Color. I have high hopes for the show but I do not expect them to "top" the first version of World of Color.

  12. How is that tiny little area supposed to meet demand no matter how many times they show it? It's so small which I guess is actually good in a way because it won't intrude on the area too much. The whole thing seems weird.

  13. It's so weird to hear so many negative comments since this is THE thing my daughter and I are most excited about! (We also got choked up at Worlds of Color.)

  14. Animal kingdom is my favorite park and I am very much looking forward to this show and to being in the park at night! I have no doubt that Disney will blend the hardware into the surroundings, as they have done with the rest of the park. Also can't wait for hyenas!!