Innovative Attraction Concept Could Be Coming to Orlando

A very interesting, new attraction concept was unveiled at this year's IAAPA Expo. "The Giant" (that's the official name of this new attraction) is billed as "the visitor attraction for the 21st century, and one that imaginatively uses the theme of giants to provide a unique, inspiring, and educational experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds." A central component of the experience is awakening the giant in every visitor that aims to help fulfill their true potential.

Employing cutting edge interactive and computer-based technologies, time proven exhibition techniques and a highly creative use of drama, film, scenic design, art direction and didactics, The Giant Experience is designed as a dynamic and absorbing 90-minute attraction that introduces visitors to the world of giants and a celebration of the great men and women of the region.

Atop the building stands the world’s largest moving statue, an iconic landmark and an aesthetically beautiful and spectacular sculpture in it’s own right. Visitors can scale the statue and literally stand on the shoulders of a giant, a remarkable vantage from which to view and admire the surrounding environs.

The rooftop of the Giant features The Fee Fi Fo Fum Snack Shack, a gastronomic snack bar purveying an inventive culinary interpretation of international street food and fast food specialties with recipes created by the world’s leading chefs and Goliath’s Department Store, the world’s smallest department store, offering select merchandise relating to the exhibition, bespoke items at a diversity of price points and specially commissioned products designed and made by local artists, artisans and inventors.

The Giant can also magically transform into the characters inside the exhibition and becomes a high-tech 3D billboard and creative canvass for social interaction, community engagement, and a diversity of uses, including celebrations, commemorations of events and individuals and as a luminous backdrop to festivals and special events. In fact, using their proprietary content management and mapping system, The Giant can take on any image static or moving, representational or abstract and the surround sound audio component creates an even more compelling experience.

Central to the mission of The Giant Company is its commitment to making a difference in the lives of its visitors and of society in general, particularly young people. To this end, the company has also created The Giants Foundation, a charitable foundation established to implement and fund the philanthropic, educational, and humanitarian goals of The Giant visitor attraction.

The Giant Company's goal over the next decade is to establish 20 Giants in cities across the globe. One of these cities could be Orlando, which is known for featuring innovative and entertaining attractions.

ARTWORK: © 2015 The Giant Company. All Rights Reserved.