Reign of Kong Update: New Nets Appear in the Queue

Islands of Adventure's newest themed land continues to take shape behind the temporary walls that attempt to hide the majestic facade that will soon be part of a new, thrilling experience starring King Kong. At first, it may appear that very little has been done in the past few weeks, but after taking a closer look, you will notice that the ride path is now clearly visible through the trees, while some nets were installed next to the attraction's outdoor queue. Let's explore the area.

The view from Toon Lagoon hasn't changed much:

Walking toward Jurassic Park:

New doors were installed the day after we took these photos (December 1, 2015):

Notice the new nets we mentioned at the beginning of this post:

The entire area is larger than you may think:

The entrance arch still looks the same:

The building housing the indoor queue continues to be themed:

Take a peek behind the walls:

A panoramic view of the area:

The new nets:

The ride path has been paved:

The indoor queue:

The faux mountain range continues to be expanded:

The themed walls look great:

The big, black box... not so much. We really hope it will be hidden by a lot of trees:

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  1. If they include a couple dozen big flaming calutrons (spewing their greenhouses gases), and a variety of jungle drums at night, this could be one dramatic environment.

  2. This looks incredible. I'm always impressed at the themes and decor at the attractions in Island of Adventure. I can't wait for this to open!

  3. I can't wait for this to open it looks amazing. But does anyone else think that the rumored 3rd, Nintendo themed park is kind of a bad idea? I myself would have no interest going there unless there is a fantastic ride.


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