Hollywood Studios Parking Currently at Capacity (Updated)

As of 5:00 p.m., Disney’s Hollywood Studios is available to all Guests, however the parking lot has reached capacity. Guests arriving to the park will be directed to alternate parking at Epcot, where they will be able to use Walt Disney World Resort Transportation to return to Hollywood Studios. A free parking coupon will be distributed for Guests to redeem at Epcot. Update (6:30 p.m.): the parking lot of Disney's Hollywood Studios has reopened to all Guests.


  1. For a park that supposedly has "nothing to do" and is now "half day" it sure is popular.

  2. i dont get the draw? why, this park is at the bottom of my list of parks in Orlando

  3. Two words: Star Wars

  4. Towers of terror, rockin roller coaster, star tours, Indy jones,

    Some good food choices, an environment/ambiance that can actually be relaxing to hang around within.

    That's why we like DHS. certainly not at the bottom of our list.

    People go to these places for different reasons, no biggie.

  5. Osbourne Lights... Packed the park

  6. Admittedly this is mostly Osborn Lights, BUT... the doom and gloom of DHS that is constantly being reported is just not true. One website called it the "incredibly shrinking park" and it is often stated that "everything is closed".

    The truth is, the only significant closure was the backlot tour. Several minor closures have been offset by new offerings. The Animation Acadamy is now the Star Wars Launch Bay.. no matter your opinion of the Animation Acadamy, the SW thing will have a much larger draw. American Idol has been replaced by Frozen sing along. The only things that really have no direct offset is the Jack Sparrow thing and the AFI film thing, and those are not major losses. They also added nightly fireworks, and the sunset theatre Dance Party... minor additions, but still additions.

    Perhaps the Disney fan community needs to stop with the "there is nothing left at DHS" and realize there simply wasn't much there to begin with.