Baymax Officially Joins the Expanded Epcot Character Spot

The Epcot Character Spot (the cartoon clubhouse of the future at Innoventions West) has just been expanded to allow Guests to meet more Disney friends.
Starting today, Guests visiting Epcot can spend time with Baymax, everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion from Disney’s “Big Hero 6.” Of course, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy will continue to greet Guests on the opposite side of the breezeway, and Chip 'n' Dale can be found just around the corner outside.

The expanded Epcot Character Spot is now split between two buildings. The original location (where Mickey and his friends still meet Guests on a daily basis) is still found right behind Fountainview:

Two new directional signs have been placed near both entrances of the Future World West breezeway:

Baymax meets Guests inside the former Innoventions West, right in front of the old Slapstick Studios:

It's easy to see why the Walt Disney World Resort decided to keep this character. It is definitely popular:

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  1. Theses Meet and Greets I can never understand why anyone would want to queue 2 hours for Frozen like I seen some of the girls and they look nothing like the character. On the other hand the Star Wars meet and Greet look good and I had a pic of Darth Vader and the storm troopers taken years ago.