Universal Studios Update: Walls Around Twister, Disaster

As many already know, two of the remaining attractions that provide a behind-the-scenes look at how movies are made recently closed at Universal Studios.
Temporary walls now surround Twister (formerly located in the New York City themed backlot of the park) as the attraction morphs into a completely new experience hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Nearby, Disaster also closed some months ago to make way for a new Fast & Furious-themed adventure.

Let's now take a look around the park to check on the progress that has been done since our last visit:

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, walls were installed around Twister the day after it closed:

The Twister logo was promptly removed, even though some props are still visible:

Walking around the rest of New York City:

Over in San Francisco, colorful drawings adorn the otherwise plain walls surrounding Disaster:

Just outside the park, work continues on the former NBA City Restaurant:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. altho bee to disney many many times since 1978, never been to uni. why are there what looks like trolley tracks running out from disaster to what looks like a turntable?

  2. The tracks are only part of the theming of the area (like what you can see at Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs). Sadly, there are no actual trolleys going up and down the area.

  3. I wonder if they will keep the frontage of the ghostbusters building during the construction of the new Jimmy Fallon attraction?

  4. Two weeks ago we stopped and watched a couple of guys painting the individual wall panels. They were just set up in an alcove along the street, nothing hidden or out of reach. Didn't think too much about it but Disney would have done all that backstage.

    There are many differences between these two companies and how they quantify or define 'guest experience, as well as the lengths they will or will not go to create an immersive environment or supporting / generating a particular feeling or mental state on the part of guests.

    Not taking sides,, just an objective observation using these wall panels as a simple example.


  5. Disney can afford to build rides slowly because they ''traditionally'' will bring in families every year where Universal doesn't have this luxury.

  6. Disney construct out in the open all the time! Just look at some of the articles posted on this site. I'm sorry but to me it seems your observation is trying to set an unmeetable standard between parks. It's worth noting that per park Disney only ever has 1-2 killer attractions, most only have 1! They may own immersion (which lets face it, it's for children) but they fail hard in the thrill ride department.

  7. The guys who spray painted the construction walls at Disaster were famous graffiti artists from around the country. It wasn't common knowledge so it's easy to see how it could have looked out of place to guests strolling by.

  8. Beny, I don't need to visit a website and look at pictures to know the difference between what I saw at Universal that day and what I often see at Disney.

    Its not about setting an unmeetable standard, its not about how many of this type or ride or that. I made objective, irrefutable, factual statements. I was pretty clear what I was discussing and I did not claim park was better than the other, You apparently didn't comprehend my post.

    Dom, it honestly just looked like another painting project shoe horned into a space, nothing special. If there was a sign or something, I totally missed it - maybe I was blinded by the colors. :) Seeing what they did with the walls, what strikes me is the difficulty of painting one panel at a time as part of a long continuous image. They did a great job.

  9. I'm 44 years old and the immersive Disney experience is my favorite part, so no it's not just for kids. I love thrill rides too, but I'd rather go to Six Flags or Cedar Point for those because they have far more than Universal. I do like Universal as well, but can quite digure out whether it's an amusement park or a theme park. I guess it's both and that's fine.

    If Disney ever opened a fifth gate, I'd love to see something geared towards older teens and adults. It would be interesting to see Disney's take on a thrill ride park, one where they don't worry about hiding the support structures. They have enough space to build the longest roller coasters in the world. One can only dream...

  10. I love the fact Disney is aimed more at Young children and older generation as it means when I go in Sept both my 4 year old and my parents who are in there early 60's can enjoy 90% of the rides. I do love Both Universal parks but will be going on my own next year as it's not worth the money taking our little girl there who won't be tall enough for most of the attractions and the misses who won't go on any thrill ride on her own. I am looking forward to riding all the new attractions and seeing the new areas which have been added since Sept 2011.

  11. why has Jimmy Fallon been chosen to replace Twister he is not known to over half the World only followers of US to will know of him think this will be closed after a short time

  12. Why can't I get the pictures to load? :(

  13. @Last Anonymous: We apologize about this, but we are having major issues with our former image host. We are trying to see if they can fix the situation. Sorry again.


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