SeaWorld Update: New Lounge, Pretzel Kitchen (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our latest SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. As usual, be sure to check out PART 1 of this update before proceeding.
In the previous part, we explored the entrance of the park, the Waterfront, the Sea Garden (including the yet-to-open Annual Passholders Lounge), and more. Let's continue to walk around this great park and visit Mama's Pretzel Kitchen, Antarctica, the area surrounding the Kraken coaster, and Journey to Atlantis.

Let's take a look inside Mama's Pretzel Kitchen:

The menu:

Themed props can be found everywhere:

The checkout area and the condiments section:

The sign of the Sea Lion & Otter Theater has been fixed:

It's time to explore Antarctica:

The showbuilding of Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin is still visible:

The Kraken:

There are no more live eels inside the Kraken's "eggs":

Journey to Atlantis:

The aquarium next to the attraction was recently refurbished:

A look inside:

The small area next to the TurtleTrek showbuilding is no longer behind walls:

It appears that they worked on some utilities:


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  2. We removed those two days ago. How can you still see them?


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