Disney Springs Update: Town Center Takes Shape (Part 1)

The Disney Springs entertainment district continues to expand at a very fast pace at the Walt Disney World Resort. New restaurants and stores are opening almost every month (Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, the BOATHOUSEMorimoto Asia, and the expanded World of Disney store are just a few examples), roads get widened, new themed elements are installed, and more. Undoubtedly, the heart of this project is the Town Center, Disney Springs' largest themed section.

Welcome to Disney Springs:

Take a look at some of the buildings that will soon be part of the Town Center:

Some panoramic photos of this massive area:

These buildings will house many different stores:

As you can see, the new bus stops are already taking shape behind the walls:

A closer view:

As expected, the rest of the area does not have large buildings:

The second parking garage:

In The Landing, the old Adventurer's Club is being completely remodeled:

More buildings in The Landing:

Notice the new stones next to the stairway:


  1. It's been a great project to watch thanks to your extensive updates.
    Great views. If only there were a parking garage over by Pandora!

  2. I just recently stopped by Disney Springs and I really enjoyed it. The only part that was disappointing was that I couldn't get a table at Morimoto Asia! Although I can probably imaging why - it's probably got amazing food! Can't wait to eventually check it out.