Animal Kingdom: Rivers of Light Construction Update

While there is a lot going on inside Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park (as you can see from the pictures featured in our last update), the Rivers of Light nighttime show continues to be one of the most intriguing projects, as it will help in completely changing the way Guests see this amazing theme park. In fact, we are sure most people would love to spend more time inside this wonderfully-themed environment after dark, and this show will surely reinforce this notion.

Here is a general overview of the new amphitheater where Guests will seat to enjoy the show:

A new building is taking shape near the queue of Expedition Everest:

Another small addition:

One of the tech booths:

The rest of the amphitheater:

A barge can still be spotted next to the seating area of the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Not much seating. Looks like right side is standing.

  2. We will stop by and see the show next visit. I'm not too thrilled with the destruction of the 'natural' waterfront , but, whatever. I'll get over it.

    in the end it's just another water screen prohection show, no doubt with boats and floats and perhaps fire. Fantasmic at AK.

    If the show goers stay away until the afternoon, that will ease the lines for the morning crowd.

  3. The seating area looks very small. They will probably have a fast pass option for this and there will be no seating for anyone else.


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