Reign of Kong Update: Extending the Mountain Range

We are just a few months away from the yet-unannounced grand opening day of Islands of Adventure's new Reign of Kong themed land. While this new area of the park will only include one attraction, it will undoubtedly become of the park's favorites, thanks to the multitude of special effects that the ride is expected to include. This afternoon we will take a look around the construction area to check on the progress that has been done since our last visit. Let's begin our tour:

As always, let's begin with some photos taken from Toon Lagoon:

The painted backdrop looks great:

The view from the Jurassic Park pathway:

As you can see, the faux mountain range is quickly extending to reach the other end of the building:

More work still needs to be done:

The main facade of the ride:

More rockwork continues to take shape nearby:

The entrance arch:

It looks like two torches were recently installed on each side of the arch:

A peek behind the walls:

A panoramic view of the area:

The mountain range:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Excellent update, but please change the way you are taking these pictures so they are completely in focus. Only the center is in focus for this update, with the sides and background blurry. There are lots of details we want to see that aren't in the center of the photos, and we can't because they are blurry. Thanks!

  2. We're lucky to have this much of an inside look in the first place and should be grateful to the photographer for even going out of his way to get the types of pictures he's getting. They aren't necessarily easy to take or encouraged by the park, so I think he did a fantastic job, considering the circumstances.

  3. @Addison: As I stated in my comment, it's an excellent update. As long as you don't go "backstage", there's nothing Universal or Disney can do if you take pictures, even if they use monopods/selfie-sticks/etc. to see over the walls. None of that was my point. I was just asking that they not use whatever filter/lens/effect they used so we can see all the details of everything in the photographs. If I want art, I'll go to an art gallery.


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