New Street Entertainment Debuts at Universal Studios

Just a few weeks ago, three new and unique street shows were introduced at Universal Studios Florida. Each of these new entertaining acts features different artists and themes that will appeal to both young and old alike. The new street shows include Sing it! (performed in the New York area), Beat Builders (taking place outside Louie’s Italian Restaurant), Straight Outta Food Truck (located in San Francisco area). Showtimes are continuous throughout the day.

Beat Builders
A high energy percussion show that incorporates materials and equipment that can be found on a typical construction site. However, this performance is anything but typical. The construction equipment in this show is used in creative ways to build instruments and rhythms that audiences have yet to experience.

Straight Outta Food Truck
A musical improv show with a family-friendly, hip-hop theme. Each 15-minute show features three top-notch improv comedians and freestyle rappers creating unique songs based on the things and people around them. The three cooksturned-rappers use everything from items brought out by the audience to a special guest’s life story to create hilarious, impressive jams that will wow audiences of all ages.

Sing it!
A singing competition where powerhouse vocalists battle for a cappella supremacy! Guests can cheer the challengers as they beatbox, riff, rap, and harmonize their favorite radio hits!

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  1. So great to see Universal taking the time to add little elements to their parks like this- this is the type of thing that has made Disney stand out (in a good way) for years.