King Kong Land Photo-Update: Bamboo Canes Appear

In just a few short months, Universal Orlando visitors will be able to explore the brand-new Reign of Kong themed area at Universal's Islands of Adventure.
Our weekly construction updates show that progress continues to be made at a very fast pace within the boundaries of this new section of the park, as plenty of new themed elements are spotted each time we visit the park. This time we will focus on the torches and canes seen near the future entrance of this new land.

Take a look around with us:

The painted backdrop looks very realistic in person:

Walking next to the temporary walls:

A closer look at the facade:

We cannot wait to explore the area:

Faux bamboo canes can now be seen behind the walls:

The land's main entrance:

Notice the torches on either side of King Kong's head:

We also spotted a new steel column on the side of the arch:

We are currently unsure about its purpose:

Another look at the attraction's expansive facade:

A look behind the walls:

A fire effect could be seen in this area:

Here you are some panoramic views of the area:

Another fire effect:

The future entrance of the building:

More rockwork:

A look at the new bamboo canes from above:

The walls' texture is looking great:

Work is still being done on the mountain range backdrop:

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  1. Summer 2016 can't come soon enough!
    Thanks for the update.

  2. "In just a few short months, "

    Have you heard of a more precise opening date? I've heard as early as Spring 2016, but by summer.

  3. I think they will try to get it open before Disney reopens Soarin and the new Frozen attraction/meet and greet.

  4. Hi, is there any chance you could mention in your future posts what hours of the day the photos were taken? I'm always interested if the mornings are clear or cloudy, afternoons dry or wet. We're visiting the parks this time next year and we're keen to see what weather to expect. Thanks.

  5. With the Outdoor Fire Elements, this is going to be one of those must do attractions after the sun goes down. I would bet that it takes on a different mood at night and would remind you of the movie(s) and the offering to Kong scene.

  6. That's the best they could do with the backdrop? I understand it's not complete yet, but it looks just like the temporary walls.

  7. You won't really see the backdrop at all. It's designed to fade into the background from the very few places it will be visible from. You're also looking at closeup pictures from a camera with a zoom lens. This area that the picture was taken from will be so covered with foliage you won't see it at all. There are many attractions at Universal and Disney that use painted murals and you probably don't even realize most of them are there.


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