Remembering "Lucy: A Tribute" at Universal Studios Florida

One of the smallest, yet most interesting experience that Guests could enjoy at Universal Studios Florida is now a thing of the past. We are referring to the quaint exhibit formerly known as "Lucy: A Tribute," which could be found along Hollywood Boulevard and was dedicated to the famous (and beloved) redhead.
Lucille Désirée Ball did a lot of things during her career (she was an actress, comedian, film studio executive, etc.), and this exhibit was dedicated to her.

This afternoon we will bring you back in time to show you around this very informative tribute. Enjoy!:

The entrance of the exhibit:

Let's take a look inside:

Some of the many awards that Lucille Ball won during her career:

Behind the scenes look at studio of "I Love Lucy":

Artworks depicting Lucy (and her personality):

The rest of the exhibit:

Park Guests could even play a game about Lucy (using dated technology):

Lucy's family album:

Short clips of "I Love Lucy" played nearby:

Miscellaneous items that Lucy used on and off the set:

Forever Lucy:

Cast of characters:

Lucy's letters:

The early years of Lucy:

The gift shop:

Here's the complete photo-gallery, including more than 60 additional photos taken around the exhibit:

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  1. Thank you! Great pictures! I will miss this as I am a huge Lucy fan. I'm happy I got to visit it several times and earlier this yearly a last minute visit. I am afraid with this closing that Lucy is losing popularity. I hope that is not the case. For those who are fans and have not made the trip to Lucy's hometown of Jamestown, NY you need to visit as the museums are similar but bigger there and it's a nice trip. There are murals painted of her and the show in the town. Well worth it for fans and will fill the void of this being removed.

  2. I forgot to add that I hope these items are moved to her museum in Jamestown.

    Also, is the gift shop portion of this closed too? Do they still sell Lucy merchandise there if it's still open and if not do they sell it anywhere else?

  3. Any rumors how this will be replaced? Is this where hello kitty is going or are we getting something adult related. I regret never visiting this location so I hope the replacement is worth it.

  4. I loved Lucy and this attraction.
    It is too bad that this generation (and future generations) do not even know who she is. Unfortunate but things change but as has been stated previously, I hope that these treasures find an appropriate home.
    On a side note, anybody visiting Dollywood should make effort to see Dolly Parton's similar attraction. Fortunately, as long as that theme park bears her name, that stuff is going nowhere.

  5. @anon: Its being replaced by a Hello Kitty shop and meet/greet.

  6. My 3 year old will be happy with that and I'm sure my wallet will be a lot lighter after leaving the shop. I remember going in there in 1993 and my dad remembered it well so it must have been big in the uk as well. We were watching this and the Dick Van Dyke show in the 50's prime time cafe in 2008.

  7. Whenever we stayed onsite at Universal we'd make our way over to the Studios and sit opposite the Lucy attraction and watch the tribute act while we had our breakfast coffee and pastry. What a great way to start your day in the Park.
    Lucille Ball was, and continues to be , a true comedy icon. I know that times move on but I think that her comedy is timeless and probably enjoyed as much today as it was in it's heyday. With that in mind could they not have retained at least a part of this exhibit for future generations to enjoy ?


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