Parc Astérix: One of Europe's Best Theme Parks (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our special photo-gallery dedicated to the great Parc Astérix! Be sure to also check out PART 1 if you haven't already done so.
In the previous part of this update, we had the pleasure of enjoying walking around some of the gorgeous themed areas of this park, including the Via Antiqua, the Roman Empire, Greece, Travel Through Time, and more. Let's now continue our visit of the park. As you'll see, there is still a lot to check out.

Afterwards, park Guests enter another truly beautiful indoor section, where the "time travel" theme continues to be developed. Indeed, we are now visiting the city of Paris from long time ago. Here we can find two automated puppet shows including the "Hotel of the Artists" and a "14 Juillet" parade:

The rest of the indoor portion includes some fantastic facades and a shop:

Once we exit, we can find more attractions and shows, include Europe's largest stunt show, "Main Basse Sur la Joconde." This entertaining show involves some of the biggest sets we have ever seen (even bigger than those used in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney's Hollywood Studios). Sadly, the show was not being performed during our visit back in May, so we missed it. That being said, we had the pleasure of seeing it multiple times back in 2007 and 2008.

Let's continue to take a look around this outdoor portion of the "A Travers le Temp" themed area:

L'Oxygénarium is a fantastic (and hilarious!) ride. Guests board a large raft that is taken high above the park via a ramp and then quickly descends through a gentle slide that includes many turns that seemingly almost cause the raft to be ejected (it's all just a sensation... we hope)! A similar (but much smaller) version of this unique ride could also be found at the old Cypress Garden theme park:

Nationale 7 is one of the most themed attractions. Here, Guests can board an antique car and enjoy miscellaneous scenes with animated figures. There's even a short indoor section near the end:

- L'Égypte -

Egypt is the newest themed area to open at the park, and the only one that was completely new to us. While it only includes two attractions, they are definitely some of the most popular among Guests. Oh, and did we mention that the theming is top-notch here, too? As always, no corners have been cut:

OzIris is the new B&M coaster that looks very similar to Montu, located at Busch Gardens Tampa:

Asterix and Obelix created a quite interesting version of the Eiffel Tower:

A bazaar can be found nearby:

SOS Numérobis is the second attraction found in this land. It is a family coaster that was moved from another area of the park. While it is definitely small, it is perfect for younger visitors:

- La Gaule -

We have now officially entered the Gaul-themed area of the park:

This represent the old French region where the Gauls (including Astérix, Obelix, and their friends) reside:

One of the rides located in this area is La Trace du Hourra. This is a bobsled-style coaster made by Mack (a smaller version of this attraction can be found at Europa-Park) that freely travels through the forest:

The Menhir Express is a lightly-themed log flume:

Le Grand Splatch is another water ride that concludes with a small drop (there are two in total). While there is not a lot to see during the ride, some nice water elements can be seen in some areas:

One of our favorite rides in the entire park is Epidemaïs Croisière, an outdoor boat ride that gently passes by some scenes including plenty of great characters that find themselves in... interesting situations:

The ride also includes a brief indoor section that now has some new special effects and new lighting:

The majority of the characters seen in the second outdoor section of the ride were recently upgraded. Indeed, we were delighted to see most of them actually moving this time. They take great care of the park:

- Le Village Gaulois -

The Gaul Village is the very heart of the park. While there are no rides in this area of the park (minor attractions can be found in the forest of Idéfix), there are multiple walk-throughs that Guests can explore:

- La Forêt d’Idéfix -

The newest area of the park is the forest of Idéfix (another similar play area could be found in this space a few years ago). Here, families can enjoy smaller rides themed after some of the inventions of the Gauls:

Let's end with the complete photo-gallery of this park, including more than 200 additional photos!:

And that is all for now. Next time you have the chance to visit some of the theme parks in Europe, we highly recommend stopping by this fantastic theme park. While it only includes one park and one themed hotel, there's plenty to do (two full days are required to see everything). You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Interesting. Disney and Universal have spoiled me though. I can't go to standard theme parks trying hard to be theme parks without feeling let down and like I should be at Disney.


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