Parc Astérix: One of Europe's Best Theme Parks (PART 1)

When talking about the best theme parks in Europe, many people might name Disneyland Paris, De Efteling, Europa-Park, or PortAventura. Unfortunately, very few mention Parc Astérix, which is located about 20 miles from Paris.
This amazing park includes some of the most beautifully-themed lands, a great variety of attractions the entire family can enjoy (and thrill seeker as well), and an attention to details that can rival Disney Parks. Take a look around with us:

Parc Astérix is located among a gorgeous natural setting that includes forests and hills. While the park is not open daily during certain times of the year, many people flock to the park when it is open (especially people from France and other nearby countries). Here's the main entrance of Parc Astérix:

- Via Antiqua -

The very first themed area of the park is the Via Antiqua (the ancient street). It is essentially the park's main street, and could be compared to the Port of Entry at Universal's Islands of Adventure:

Here, Guests can find a vast array of themed shops and a multitude of kiosks selling snacks:

- L'Empire Romain -

The Roman Empire is one of our favorite themed areas, as it contains some of the best rides and shows of the park. The "Gaulois - Romains : Le Match" show is a great example. The newly-enclosed theater is now a studio where Guests can witness a match between Gauls and Romans filled with surprises:

Le Défi de César is our favorite attraction in the park. While many other European parks have mad houses (large buildings with a swinging seating area surrounded by a themed, cylindrical room that spins, simulating upside-down maneuvers and disorienting Guests), this ride includes three exclusive pre-show rooms with some very clever special effects including one that has some amazing fountains:

The queue:

The pre-show rooms:

The mad house:

Romus et Rapidus is a rapids ride where Guests don't get particularly wet (fortunately):

Les Espions de César is a suspended ride that provides panoramic views of some areas of the park:

- La Grèce Antique -

The Greek themed area of the park includes some great thrill rides and a dolphin show:

Le Vol d'Icare is a great Zierer coaster. Don't be misled by the tame look of this attraction, as it is quite intense for being a family coaster!:

L'Hydre de Lerne is a typical carnival ride:

La Rivière d'Elis is a very relaxing boat ride with minimal theming:

The Tonnerre de Zeus is a monster wooden coaster. It's quite rough, but still one of the most popular attractions in the park. Be sure to take a close look around the queue for some interesting details...

"Thank you for no parking on the footbridge":

- Les Vikings -

This is one of the smallest and least themed areas of the park:

The Goudurix is one of the park's oldest coaster, which was completely retracked a few years ago:

A few smaller attractions can be found in the area:

- A Travers le Temps -

This IS, hands down, our favorite themed area of the entire park. We love the architecture typical of the middle ages (including castles), and this section contains some truly beautiful facades that represent a wonderful medieval village with some comic influences. The attention to details is stunning:

A birds of prey show used to perform on that stage. Sadly, it is no longer performed:

The indoor section of the Moyen Age (Middle Ages):

After the short covered area, Guests exit into another wonderful, themed courtyard. Here, visitors can find some small food and beverage options as well as another carousel that younger Guests can enjoy:



  1. When is the review of Europa park coming online?

  2. We have left the best for last! It will be posted in the next few weeks.


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