Magic Kingdom Hub Update: Third Castle Tower Unveiled

After months of construction, the tarps that formerly surrounded the third castle tower (that has been built in the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park) have finally been removed. While it is still behind walls, the additional tower will soon serve as tech booth that will be used during certain times of the day.
Today, we will take a look around the entire central plaza of the park, as some new sections have opened since our last update. Join us while we tour the area:

The entire hub feels much more open now, without being a concrete jungle:

The new trees and planters definitely help in keeping the area more appealing to the eyes:

Of course, some areas may appear to be a little bare to some people:

On the east side, a new walkway recently opened:

A lot of trees now fill the area previously occupied by the Rose Garden:

Here is the third castle tower that was mentioned at the beginning of this post:

As you can see, this is larger than the other two towers that were unveiled in the past few weeks:

Nearby, work continues to be done around the two castle ramps:

The east ramp:

The west ramp:

The fourth (and final) tower is still behind tarps:

The very last stretch of the expanded walkway is also still behind walls:

A peek behind the scenes:

Minor landscaping work being done near Cinderella Castle:

A look at one of the two castle ramps from the other side of the moat:

It's time to leave the area. We will be back soon:

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