King Kong Themed Land Update: Mural Painting Continues

Plenty of work continues to be done daily in the Reign of Kong themed area of Islands of Adventure. While the very large facade appears to be very similar to the finished product featured on the original rendering, the surrounding areas still need a lot of attention. In fact, the mural above the building is still being painted, the outdoor section of the ride path is still taking shape, and the smaller building housing the queue or loading area is still receiving its themed facade.

Let's begin to explore this area:

As we mentioned last week, new poles were recently installed above the building:

The mural continues to be painted:

The view from the Jurassic Park walkway:

Kong's menacing face:

Another look at the new poles:

The castle-like walls continue to take shape:

We are all excited for this new themed area, but please, do NOT engage in such dangerous activities:

Here you are some behind-the-wall photos taken from the ground:

A panoramic view of the area:

The ride path:

The new walls that will separate the Jurassic Park walkway from the new area:

That is all for now.

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  1. I love all the outdoor shots - but can you tell us more about how the ride inside is progressing? Do you see them doing that or just building this and getting ready to put the ride together after it's done. I'd love to know more about the process.

  2. based off everything else they've done recently, 80% will be white walls and projectors, looks like a movie theatre but with rock work. I am intrigued to see the kong animatronic that's supposed to be going in for the finale.

  3. From the Tampa Bay Times...

    "Technology comes into play with 3-D imagery, but West (Mike West, executive producer of Universal Creative) said the animatronics and advanced puppetry used in the theme park's Halloween haunted houses are not part of Kong."

    I'd love to see an animatronic in this but who knows what we are going to actually get. His comments didn't give me much hope.


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