Islands of Adventure Update: Saying Goodbye to The Hulk

As you may have already heard, The Incredible Hulk Coaster officially closed on September 8, 2015. While that may sound like a sad news to most thrill seekers at first, this is actually great news for theme parks fans, as the roller coaster will undergo a lengthy refurbishment that may include the replacement of some (if not all) sections of the ride track, a complete overhaul of the queue area, and the replacement of the launch system. Let's take a look around, shall we?

Welcome to Islands of Adventure:

A part of the Market and Export sign is currently missing:

The chef statue next to the bridge has been repainted and new props have been added next to it:

A similar one has been placed by the Confisco Grille:

By the way, the refurbishment of the restaurant's facade continues:

Time to take a quick look at The Incredible Hulk Coaster:

Here you are some miscellaneous photos of the attraction. Additional pictures (including some of the indoor part of the queue that we took a few years ago) will be shared in a subsequent photo-gallery:

Some sections of the track were recently marked. Does this mean that these sections will be replaced?:

A helicopter was hovering above the attraction, possibly capturing footage of the coaster in action:

The rest of Marvel Superhero Island:

The yellow pillars have finally been repainted:

A section of the pathway has been removed:

Toon Lagoon:

A new light has been installed next to the Toon Lagoon Amphitheater:

Passing by the Popeye statue:

The trigger of the "Hush-A-Bomb" is missing:

The small kiosk by Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls recently got a new Icee logo on its roof:

A closer look:

The location also sells churros, snacks, and beverages:

The new King Kong themed land continues to take shape (we will cover that area in a separate update):

Jurassic Park:

One of the slides located inside Camp Jurassic is still closed for refurbishment:

Thank you for exploring the park with us!

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  1. Anyone have any idea of when the rehab will be complete?

  2. They're saying late summer 2016 (July/August). I'm hoping it'll be done by June.

  3. They will want it opening around the same time (possibly even day) as King Kong to help with crowds. I can see the hotel and both rides opening within the same couple of weeks.

  4. Something tells me... when it reopens, the tracks will not be over the bridge where guests are able to walk under the coaster. With the potential for objects hitting people below, this may be new code to prevent liability. Much like Dragon Challenge / Dueling Dragons never running together anymore. Then, maybe they wont need the metal detectors.

  5. A more cost effective way would be if they installed a bigger net over the bridge.

  6. Sad, I loved The Hulk Coaster, Just don't go on after eating a bran and prune juice diet for a couple days

  7. @Slinky Dog...
    Hey, your net idea made me think of something else! What if they extend the launch tunnel to enclose the area of the ride over the bridge? In effect making the beginning of the ride indoors with a longer tunnel. It would be impossible to drop objects onto guests below. They already have that area of the track marked for something. We'll see...

  8. I always hated those Chef signs. They just look tacky and kind of creepy to me.