Downtown Disney Update: Town Center Work (PART 1)

In just a few weeks, Downtown Disney will be a thing of the past. Indeed, even though the Walt Disney World Resort has not yet officially announced it, rumors from reliable sources indicate that the former Downtown Disney will assume its new name (Disney Springs) starting from Thursday, October 1, 2015.
While the majority of the work seems to have been completed around the West Side (with a few exceptions), plenty of construction is going on in other areas.

First of all, work continues around the new pedestrian bridges (one of them will open soon):

The second parking garage is taking shape nearby:

In the West Side, a few section of the faux overhead tracks are still behind walls:

The new pavement looks great:

United World Soccer has reopened in a new location:

Continuing our tour of the area:

The Town Center is taking shape at a very fast pace:

A panoramic view of the area:

This building will include numerous new shops under one roof:

A new, curved wall has been erected next door:

Notice these new columns:

The rest of the massive construction zone:

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  1. Great update. Really shows the enormous scope, complexity, of what Dusney is doing.