Reign Of Kong Update: Mountain Range Starts to Appear

Just a few weeks ago, theme park fans started noticing that the ground around the Reign of Kong area was being prepared for the installation of the outdoor portion of the ride's track. Earlier today, we spotted some new steel pieces that could be used as part of the path on which the ride vehicles will soon travel.
In addition to that, the faux mountain range behind the rockwork is finally getting painted. Take a look around this new themed area inside Islands of Adventure:

As every week, let's start by taking a look at the area from the entrance of Toon Lagoon:

A section of the facade is still being painted:

As you can see, the "mountains" are now starting to be painted green:

The unthemed side of the building could remain untouched. Hopefully it will be hidden by foliage:

A look at the area from the entrance of Jurassic Park:

Notice the new rock formation taking shape right in front of the attraction's showbuilding:

More pieces of steel have been placed nearby:

The future Reign of Kong entrance:

A few behind-the-wall photos:

A panoramic view of the construction zone from Camp Jurassic:

Could these pieces be part of the ride track (maybe used in the foundations)? What do you think?:

Another look at the new pieces of steel that are currently sitting next to the building's opening:

The rest of the showbuilding:

Notice the different texture (before/after):

In addition to all that, a new, themed wall is being built next to the ride path:

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  1. No on the ride track, those are structural I beams.

  2. You are right, this ride is going to be trackless.

  3. It's trackless? Has that been confirmed? If so, that's very exciting.


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