Reign of Kong Construction Update: Working on Ride Path

Every day that goes by we are getting closer to the grand opening of "Reign of Kong," a new themed area currently being built inside Islands of Adventure.
While we still do not have an opening date (Universal Orlando only confirmed that the attraction will open next summer), it is absolutely clear that construction is proceeding at a very fast pace, meaning that there's a good chance the ride could open around June or July. Let's take a quick tour around this new area.

Before starting, we would like to apologize for the glare that you may notice on some of the photos. The cloudy sky mixed with the moisture and the dark tones of the attraction's facade affected their quality:

The view from the Jurassic Park entrance:

The secondary structure next to the main entrance of the land continues to take shape:

Kong's face:

The rest of the building is now receiving more details:

Check out some behind-the-wall photos (taken from Guest areas without standing on any object):

A panoramic view of the area:

The outdoor portion of the ride path is finally taking shape:

More details:

It's time to head home.

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  1. Didn't know some of it would be outside, neat!

  2. According to rumors, it will be one of (if not the first) rides in the world to feature a different track layout depending on weather. According to the rumor, if the weather is bad outside, the ride can bypass the small outdoor portion of the ride and remain 100% indoors. When the weather is fine, the ride will take guests outdoors and through the massive gate entrance that is the focal point of all the pictures.

    This is all rumors of course, but it would make sense. If the ride is 95% indoors, having to close it due to summer storms would suck and really back up the line just for a small outdoor section. Time will tell if this rumor is true!

  3. I'm really looking forward to this attraction and your excellent reports have been building that interest.
    A good job , well done.
    Keep it coming.


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