Major Kennedy Space Center Expansion Project Unveiled

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a unique and inspiring attraction that celebrates human achievements in the space exploration program.
Despite all the great exhibits and shows that are offered in the visitor complex, many will agree that it cannot be considered a true theme park (there is only one ride in the complex), and there is nothing wrong with that. That said, it looks like things will change in the future, as more shows and rides may be in the works.

About five years ago, a Kennedy Space Center master plan was presented by PGAV Destinations, a company that "designs attractions, exhibits, and experiences that enrich lives" (they have worked with SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and many other major theme park around the country and the world).

The master plan included some of the proposed attractions, rides, shows, and other improvements that could be potentially added to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex over the next 7 years. First of all, the entrance of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex could be improved even more, thanks to the addition of some great water features, interactive elements, and new retail opportunities:

Guests may soon also experience a completely new pre-show before boarding the buses to other areas of the visitor complex. The new pre-show would include some great special effects and props:

As some of our Readers may already know, the Astronaut Hall of Fame will soon relocate to the visitor complex. While this has not been announced, a flight simulator very similar to the popular Soarin' attraction at Epcot could soon make its way to the new Hall of Fame (which is currently under construction). The rendering attached to this presentation even includes the same ride vehicle (with the same Guests featured in the Disney images!) used at Soarin':

Later this decade, a new observation tower (with food & beverage offerings) could be built on site, providing even better views of rocket launches and future shuttle launches:

Finally, a brand-new nighttime show could be introduced in 2019. While no details have yet been released, it seems like a nearby pond could be used as part of the show, making it similar to World of Color, Rivers of Light, or Universal's Cinematic Spectacular. No renderings are available at this time.

Here is the complete timeline (subject to change):

This could be the new layout of the visitor complex (should all the additions mentioned above be built):

Of course, we are absolutely aware of the fact that plans could have changed by now. That said, the visitor complex has been following the timeline quite closely up until today (the new Atlantis exhibit opened a few years ago, and the new Astronaut Hall of Fame will open next year). This gives us hope.

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