Animal Kingdom Update: Building Floating Islands (PART 1)

The new floating islands that will soon dominate the skyline within Pandora: The World of AVATAR continue to take shape at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
While that is surely one of the most important projects currently taking place in the park, there is much more to check out while walking around Discovery Island, Asia, and DinoLand. As you'll see, some of the shops continue to be expanded, while the Rivers of Light amphitheater takes shape nearby. Enjoy:

Welcome to Animal Kingdom:

The stores around the island continue to be expanded:

Construction also continues on the new table-service restaurant behind Pizzafari:

A look at Pandora - The World of AVATAR:

A close look at some of the floating islands and other facades:

Heading to other areas of the park:

The allergy kiosk by the entrance of the Africa themed area is still closed for refurbishment:


Moving along:


  1. I wonder if they'll add more sight barriers for Pandora area. Ie, will that great view you got be there much longer?

  2. I thought the new restaurant was supposed to be Table Service.

  3. @Brian: You are correct, it will be a Table-Service location. We are going to edit the post. Thank you for pointing that out!

  4. OTPN Admin: Any idea what the restaurant theme will be?