Universal Orlando Rumors: Some Fast & Furious Details

One of our Universal Orlando Resort sources is back with some quite interesting rumors about possible future additions coming to Universal Studios Florida.
While all of these projects have already been mentioned on other sites (such as the very interesting Fast & Furious ride concepts), we thought it would be fun to share some new details (be sure to note that the following are just rumors. The Universal Orlando Resort has not confirmed any of them). Let's get started.

Recently, multiple websites started hinting about the possibility of having a brand-new attraction themed after the popular Fast & Furious franchise at Universal Studios Florida. While a similar experience already debuted to mixed reviews at Universal Studios Hollywood, rumors say that the Florida version will be much different (especially since it is expected to be an actual stand-alone ride).

Here you are some intriguing details our source shared with us regarding this possible future addition:

Late August into September is the new timeline for Disaster to close... San Francisco will be totally facelifted to Los Angeles. Beetlejuice would be taken to its new home at Fear Factor. Then all of that space, including where Disaster is, would be constructed for Fast & Furious.

That's a lot to take in. First of all, Disaster! - A Major Motion Picture Ride... Starring YOU (as well as the rest of the San Francisco area) could be closing as soon as next month, leaving a big gap between New York and the London Waterfront. Other sources say that Disaster might actually close in the fall.

In addition to that, we might have to officially say goodbye to San Francisco. This makes sense, as the Fast & Furious franchise is connected to Los Angeles. It's true, the park already has a California-themed area in another section of the park (Hollywood), but both areas should coexist without any problems.

Finally, it seems like Beetlejuice's show might still survive by moving to the much larger theater currently hosting the incredibly underwhelming Fear Factor LIVE. This is a little hard to believe, as the current theater where the Beetlejuice show takes place hardly fills up. The huge theater next to M.I.B. Alien Attack could be too big for such a show, unless it gets updated once again.


Work has not even started on the new Fast & Furious attraction or the replacement for Twister, yet we have even more to look forward to. In fact, our source recently dropped the following hint:

A new attraction building will be built to the right of M.I.B. 

That's a very general "news," but it is definitely not unexpected. The very expansive empty lot next to M.I.B. Alien Attack has always been considered a great expansion area for the park by theme park fans. Take a look at the following aerial image showing how many times the M.I.B. showbuilding would fit within that area. Just imagine all the great attractions and rides that could fit there...

What could be the theme of this new area? That is a great question, especially since most rumors point to have Nintendo take over Woody Woodpecker's KidZone. What does the future hold for that area? It may be way too early to even start speculating about that. Fun times ahead!


As some of our Readers may know, a small area next to the Universal Studios Store was recently walled off, and the small building located near the shop's side entrance was completely demolished:

Our source confirmed that the work being done in that area is not something to be too excited about:

That little construction zone between Despicable Me and the Universal Studios Store is going to become the new location for the hydraulic pumps for the Despicable Me ride. 

Once again, be sure to note that the above information is based on pure speculation. As far as we know, plans may completely change in the future, or timelines may be altered due to internal needs. That said, we would like to thank our source for keeping us informed and for sharing with us these rumors.


  1. Surprised they missed out on the Secret Life of Pets version of Animal Actors (based on the new Illumination movie) in Orlando and Hollywood, and the makeover of Horror Make-Up show that will feature a segment/advertisement for HHN.

  2. They should do another Jaw and/or Back To The Futre

  3. I could see the area next to MIB being themed to New York and themed to the NEW series based on Harry Potter. The world of Harry Potter has proven to be a major success and has allowed Universal to expand at such a fast pace. Opening a new land themed to the newest movies the summer after it premiers would be a very wise choice. The movie comes out Nov. 16th, 2016 and with their construction speed, they could open the land summer of 2017.

  4. No more hp please. They need a family friendly dark ride or something like spiderman/transformers

  5. I could see Disaster becoming Fast and Furious
    but why re-theme the exterior?
    While I have not seen the Universal Hollywood attraction
    I cannot believe that it is THAT essential to that attraction.
    The Fast and Furious Movies are based around the world
    so why not try to slide that one by the theme park guests like they have similarly done with The Mummy, Twister, Shrek, etc.?
    I agree that exterior construction/re-themeing would leave a HUGE whole in the park while taking place, probably similar if not worse than what was there during the Amity to London re-theme.
    They could easily leave the exteriors alone
    ESPECIALLY on the Lagoon/Wharf side.
    Then only Minor barricading/tarping could occur while behind the scenes work went on to construct the attraction.
    As for the vacant space by MIB, that is HUGE and could hold a new "Land" not just a single ride.
    But don't forget the value of Backstage areas as well. So just a nice large Attraction with upgrades backstage would probably be more feasible.

  6. Maybe they are going "Back to the Future?"

  7. I am glad to hear about the possibility of a Fast and Furious ride taking over where Disaster is. Still wondering about The Twister space though and hope the rumor about something to do with Jimmy Fallen is stupid and hope that is not going to take place. Just please leave The Mummy ride alone. As far as the large space by Men In Black and The Lost Continent area of Islands could be used for more of Harry Potter. I know some are going to disagree with me. But, as season pass holders, we spend almost all of our time there. It was the best idea you have ever had. It has proven itself. There is so much more you could do to expand on The Harry Potter concept.

    1. Mummy is amazing and also I agree with you a about the lost continents... It is a waste of space. I know many pass holders and all of them talk about how boring the shows are and how it was a one time thing for them.

    2. Im a pass holder and think one hp land is too much. The Dueling Dragons(refuse to call it by any other name) lost its "it" factor when it was turned to hp. Hp bank ride sucks and always has some sort of issue. Hp shows sucks. Only nice thing about hp is theming in IOA but i hate the theming in US.

  8. Enough with Harry Potter, it is Universal Studios not Harry Potter Studios. It is time to add something new. Nothing wrong with Potterville but don't over due it. Especially in the Studios. They need to add a non-3D ride there. A rapids ride themed to Jaws would be neat.

    1. Great idea but the space might be too small for a water ride. Would like an ET style ride there plus a t2 style show maybe themed to jp or even jaws. If theres still space add a simulator or free fall ride

  9. A freefall ride might be an idea, considering that I think we have almost seem the last of Dr Doom.

  10. Well, I figured there would be an opposing opinion concerning expanding the Harry Potter concept. That's okay. I also realize that it is called Universal Studios not Harry Potter Studios. Thank you Miguel for your input. I will assume we will not be seeing you visiting that part of the parks. It should only be for those who appreciate it anyways. Even though hp is my favorite, I enjoy both of the Universal parks and can't wait to get back there. I look forward to seeing what will be coming next for all of our enjoyment.

  11. I'll bet you that you are right. I'll be that we haven't seen the last of the HP expansion. It wasn't that long ago that there was talk about expanding US HP to were Fear Factor is. I don't know the HP books or movies at all, but absolutely love what they have done. Disney is experiencing some revenue from Frozen everything, but nothing like what Universal has been able to put together. They are amazing additions that Universal has done.

    1. If they turned something you dont care about into something amazing why not turn something you care about to something oit of the world. Im not a fan of hp but i do think the theming in IOA is must see. Wish they just keep it as it and develop another land/story


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