The Crayola Experience Officially Opens in Orlando (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of this photo-gallery displaying all of the wonderful exhibits available at the new Crayola Experience. Click here for PART 1.
In the previous part, we checked out the first half of the attraction, which includes plenty of hand-on activities. Even more interesting exhibit await you in the other half of the building, as well as part rooms, snack points, a quick-service restaurant, and much more. We hope you will enjoy the rest of this tour.

The Crayola Experience offers three separate party rooms in Orlando. Two of the larger ones can also be combined into one single room, which can accommodate large groups:

In "Puzzle It!", Guests can create their own drawing and then put it inside a machine, which then transforms it into a puzzle. The process is very quick. I wonder if I could have brought a picture from home to make into a puzzle... Maybe next time:

The Paint Palette area includes some arts and crafts projects that rotate every so often:

No, the Meltdown area is not a section where angry parents meet. It is actually a place where Guests can play with (cooled) melted wax, creating some fun designs. Sounds very messy, doesn't it? Fortunately for you, Cast members will clean all surfaces after each use. You won't have to do that:

Is that your tummy rumbling? Well, then it's time to stop by the Café Crayola (that sounds like an advertisement, doesn't it?). The restaurant serves some comfort food (from pizza to salads to gluten free options), as wells as healthy options. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the whole menu:

The Cafe Show will also delight dining Guests during the day (this is the only show we did not see):

In Rainbow Rain, Guests can interact with some funny substances in a screen in front of them. This particular attraction is very similar to the Cool Moves interactive area located on the first floor:

In Melt & Mold, kids and adults alike can make their own model made of wax. The best part is that they will see the entire process through a plastic container:

Drip Art allows Guests to make their very own work of art using melted wax. Just like in the case of "Melt & Mold," Guests choose one (or, in this case, more) crayon, which then is inserted inside a machine. The machine then instantly melts the crayon and then slowly drops the wax on a spinning, circular piece of paper. The ending result is quite impressive:

The Trading Post is the only shop located on the second floor of the attraction. Guests can personalize their own t-shirts, fill plastic bottles with colored sand, and find snacks and souvenirs:

Scribble Square is Pleasure Island seen through the eyes of a toddler. In fact, everything in this space can be colored using markers. The 3-D models found in this space include a car, the facade of a house, trees, a mailbox, and a dog. Kids can even write on the floor. Definitely not something to do at home!:

The Color Playground is a play area for kids that are a little older:

The nearby Snack Shack offers many sweet options and beverages:

In "Doodle in the Dark," kids can color on back-lit surfaces, creating some very cool effects:

Last but not least, kids and parents can take a family photo in one of the "Be a Star" booths. Families can choose their favorite backgrounds and take as many photos as they like. Each photo can also be printed for free, as each booth is equipped with a printer:

When exiting, Guests may choose visit the very large Crayola Store, which has a very extensive selection of Crayola-themed souvenirs (including t-shirts, plushes, keychains, and... crayons):

Here's the complete photo-gallery, which includes 70 additional photos taken around the attraction:

Crayola first dipped its paintbrush into the attractions industry in 2013, when the company re-imagined Crayola Experience's hometown facility in Easton, Pa. - the home of Crayola crayons since 1903. The attraction now welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests annually, and the company expects to host even greater numbers in its new 70,000 sq.ft. facility in Orlando.

The new attraction is open daily. For information, hours and tickets, visit


  1. Thus would have been a perfect replacement for DisneyQuest. Too bad its built already.

    It's funny how from the exterior you can clearly see the old Nordstrom facade. Other than painting it and adding a few decorations I'm suprised they didn't do more with it and instead just left what was there.

  2. Also interesting is how the building went from being upscale with quality finishes to now looking very cheap.

  3. Why do anything too much with the outside of the building when they are only renting the space? I could see if they owned the building, but they don't.

  4. Regardless of the decor, it looks like a fun place with small kids. Considering we are dealing with art supplies, the indoor design of the building is appropriate for kids. How long will it be before the walls are decorated by them? It's easier just adding a coat of paint to cover up the little artists.


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