SeaWorld Experts Continue to Monitor Rescued Dolphin

This week, SeaWorld Orlando’s experts are seeing some improvements for the rescued rough-tooth dolphin being rehabilitated in the park’s rescue facility.
Since his arrival at SeaWorld, experts have seen a small shift in his behavior. He’s getting stronger, swimming and eating on his own, and becoming more active. The SeaWorld Orlando team is still determining the cause for stranding and the animal’s medical condition, but these are positive signs of improvement.

Last week, marine sponge was found in the dolphin’s abdomen, which the dolphin was regurgitating. Attention was focused on continuous monitoring, a radiograph procedure and blood work.   

This week a gastroscopy was performed on the dolphin in order to identify if additional marine sponge was still in the dolphin’s abdomen, which experts did find and will monitor to ensure it digests properly. The dolphin has tested negative for morbillivirus and brucellosis - two diseases that have been found in mass strandings.

The SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team will continue to care for the rescued rough-toothed dolphin and provide treatment and care for as long as needed. The team hopes to successfully rehabilitate the animal for return to the wild.

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