Magic Kingdom Hub Update: Two New Towers Unveiled

Two new castle towers were recently unveiled at the Magic Kingdom Park.
These beautiful, permanent additions replaced some smaller (and less themed) speaker towers that are used during the shows taking place daily on the Castle Court Stage. In addition to that, plenty of new trees have been planted around the hub, especially in the area that was formerly occupied by the Swan Boats loading dock (in front of Tomorrowland). Let's take a look around the hub:

First of all, here's a general view of the current status of the park's central hub:

Getting closer to the castle:

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, two of the four new castle towers are now tarp-free:

Behind the walls:

The back of one of the new towers:

The other two towers are still covered at the moment:

The east ramp leading to Cinderella Castle is being completely rebuilt:

The beautiful new trees planted on the east side of the hub make a huge difference:

A closer look:

Work also continues on the west side of the hub:

See ya real soon!

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Disconected castle towers are the worst idea I've ever seen.
    Theming wise it absolutely makes no sence what so ever.

    R.I.P. Rose-garden

  2. im thinking they will be use for lights or something they would not just be there for nothing

    1. They are for speakers. The flag fronts are to allow the sound to come out. These replace the stand alone flag towers which held speakers before.

  3. LOL No they look just fine.

    But then, I understand its FANTASY

    Makes perfect cents to me..

  4. Yes because there aren't any real life analogs for stand-alone turrets......

  5. Plus these turrets are probably made of fiberglass and not real stone like real life turrets would be (you know, like in Harry Potter Land).

  6. No one here is making any sents.

  7. Most of these comments make no sense!

  8. Are those ramps leading up to the castle ever open? I have never seen them open to the public.

  9. Yes, unless there is a maintenance or construction reason, the castle and thus the ramps, is the main entrance to Fantasyland. You've never seen them open, well, I've never seen them closed! (They will be roped off during the stage shows & fireworks but that's different)

  10. I get why they are needed and it's certainly better than what was there but wow do they destroy the forced perspective. Piece by piece perfection is being destroyed at this park.


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