Reign of Kong Update: The Entrance Arch Takes Shape

The new King Kong area continues to take shape fairly quickly at Islands of Adventure. In the past few months, we have mostly focused our attention on the main facade covering the attraction's building; this time, we will also take a close look at the great themed arch that will introduce Guests to the world of Kong.
Construction is also taking place around the rumored loading/unloading area of the future ride, which is still mostly unthemed at this time. Let's explore the area.

The main facade towering over the new land can be seen from Toon Lagoon:

Getting closer:

We noticed some interesting lights/sensors above the entrance leading to the indoor portion of the ride:

From Jurassic Park:

Construction workers admiring the land from above:

A closer look at the facade:

The entrance arch that will soon welcome Guest to the Reign of Kong:

If you pay close attention, you can see that the frame already looks like Kong's head:

A front view:

The view of the arch from the area next to the entrance of the Thunder Falls Terrace:

The rest of the building:

The view from above:

It looks like some of the outer walls of the building were scraped for some reason:

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