Magic Kingdom Update: Major Pirates Rehab Continues

The Magic Kingdom Park continues to be under the spotlight in the theme park community, thanks the multiple major projects taking place around the park and the interesting rumors that point to a possible major expansion of Frontierland (very little information is available at this time, so we will wait a little more before adding more information about these rumors). While we are waiting for official announcements, let's take a look around the park to see what is new:

Tarps are down around Main Street U.S.A. All the facades look great:

Heading to Adventureland:

A look at the expansion of the Adventureland Veranda:

The side of the restaurant facing Guest areas:

Walking deeper into the jungle:

Pirates of the Caribbean is still closed for refurbishment. It will reopen on September 25, 2015:

In the meantime, Cast Members entertain younger Guests with games:

One of the interactive features of the pirates-themed scavenger hunt was not functioning:

Entering Frontierland:

Walls are up around the back portion of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe:

Another great day to walk around the park:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. For those wondering, there are rumors of a new E-Ticket attraction

  2. For the 50th, there are rumours around a frontierland expansion with a major E-ticket. The Western River Expedition idea that has been imagined a while ago is being thrown around by speculators. Nothing will be known until D23

  3. Won't happen. New Fantasyland and the hub were it. A new show is rumored to come, perhaps an update for the Electrical Light Parade. Other than that, their focus has to be on the Animals Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Expansions, Disney Springs, and then EPCOT. The MK is almost done.

  4. Rumor is the Indiana Jones ride is coming to WDW. Who know where. Probably DHS or MK.

  5. I got an honest question I have only been to the Magic Kingdom once but I noticed in the morning everyone is full of energy and racing but when it's closing time it's wall to wall people and everyone looked like they were extras in the walking dead, Is it always like that or was I just there on a bad day for most people

  6. Until D23 everything is speculation and rumors but Indiana Jones ride is rumored for the Disney Studios (or whatever they reveal the theme park's new name is going to be, also to be revealed *hopefully* at D23)

  7. Just cancelled our trip to WDW. Too many closures and too much construction. Can't see paying all that money when so many things in the parks are closed. Sadness.

  8. I don't they would expand frontierland, they would have to move the train tracks or build around it like they did for splash mountain. In my opinion Frontierland is fine, Tomorrowland needs a new attraction.

  9. If they do expand and use a form of Western River Expedition, the train goes through the building. I think the original design was to have the train, boat ride and part of BTMR all in the building. Now that would be very cool.

  10. To person cancelling trip... that would be over reacting. MK is awesome, and better every day. I was there last year, and honestly can't remember the hub being torn up... it was, it just didn't bother me. Found great places to watch fireworks from other than the hub, and might never watch wishes from there ever again (try by dumbo, and by gastone's).

    AK is a little torn up, but again 90% of the guest areas are fine, and Epcot needs much more work than they are actually doing, but it is also nearly completely open.

    HS is the exception. Still a great park, and maybe a good other half day from AK, but most of the headliners are still open. In fact with the exception of the backlot tour, all of the healiners are open.

    Go, have a great time, or look for excuses not to go.... its up to you.

  11. Why would the bring the Indiana Jones ride from DL to WDW? Isn't Dinosaur at AK essentially a clone of the Indiana Jones ride system and track with a different overlay? I can't see them having two expensive attractions with identical layouts and infrastructure and only differing on theme. They have some attractions that are identical to one another in terms of ride-system, but they're the smaller, carnival-type attractions (Magic Carpets, Dumbo, etc.).

  12. I would be happy to see Tom Sawyer island removed and replaced with a big E ticket ride.

  13. Is there any chance that pirates of Caribbean will open earlier than scheduled as we leave on 25/09/15


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