Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex News (July 2015)

To celebrate the New Horizons probe’s closest flyby of Pluto on July 14, 2015, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will feature several Pluto-centric educational opportunities, including an exhibit explaining mission details and 3D printed models of the probe, displays featuring New Horizons mission videos, and NASA/New Horizon Pluto images added to the pre-shows in both the IMAX theater and Astronaut Encounter Theater. Click here for more information.

“Fly With An Astronaut”
The visitor complex  is offering a special, limited-time, limited-capacity program called “Fly With An Astronaut” in which guests can spend a thrilling half day experiencing the highlights of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, including a ‘flight’ on Shuttle Launch Experience, with a veteran NASA space shuttle astronaut.

Limited to just 43 guests per day Thursday, July 16 through Sunday, July 19, the program includes admission to the visitor complex as well as a morning of tours and activities guided by astronaut Bob Springer. One of many highlights of the day is the opportunity to “fly” on Shuttle Launch Experience with Springer, who served as mission specialist on two space shuttle flights, STS-29 Discovery and STS-38 Atlantis, and has logged more than 6,500 flying hours.

The program is $199 for adults; $174 for children (ages 3-11), including visitor complex admission, a catered lunch, an autographed photo and a retail gift. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex annual pass holders may purchase the program for $149 per adult or $134 per child (ages 3-11). Seating is limited; for reservations, call 855-456-6597.

Rocket Launches
Guests can enjoy up-close launch viewing for multiple launches throughout the year. With 24 rockets scheduled to liftoff from Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) this year, 2015 will bring visitors and residents of the Space Coast the most launch viewing opportunities in nearly 20 years. Upcoming launches include the July 15, 11:36 a.m. launch of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying the GPS IIF-10 satellite, and the July 22, 8:07 p.m. launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket carrying the Wideband Global SATCOM 7 Satellite (WGS-7).

Kennedy Space Center's Summer Camps
There is still time for kids ages 8 to 16 to enjoy a summer camp experience that educates and entertains like no other. Camp Kennedy Space Center day camp provides young people with an inspiring week of fun and enriching activities. The weekly camp, which incorporates STEM learning and NASA-based curriculum, ends August 7.

Camp Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is all new this year with educational activities designed around the theme of “Engineering Our Future” and focusing on the engineering design process. Campers are invited to learn about the importance of engineering in the U.S. Space Program through hands-on challenges. The interactive program, led by Kennedy Space Center educators, encourages growth in science, technology, engineering and math, and teamwork and communication skills. Tuition is $295 per week plus tax, paid in advance.

Astronaut Meet-and-Greets
Veteran NASA astronauts will meet with visitors at Astronaut Encounter:
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Jerry Ross – July 13-15
  • Brazilian Astronaut Marcos Pontes – July 16-21
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Fred Gregory – July 22-27
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Sam Durrance – July 28-30
Visit for additional information about these special offerings.

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