Islands of Adventure Update: New Store Opens (PART 1)

As the construction of the new King Kong themed land continues (click here for the latest photos), the rest of Islands of Adventure's themed areas also receives a lot of attention. The more attentive Guests will have surely noticed that some buildings are being refurbished and a few additions recently debuted around the park. This afternoon, we will go back to Islands of Adventure to see what has changed since our last visit. There are a few interesting news you should know.

First of all, the Loo's Lodge facade was recently repainted. It is now pink:

The nearby facade is in dire need of a refurbishment:

Inside the park, the front of the facade of the Confisco Grille is still behind tarps:



The lights of the Toon Lagoon amphitheater were on. Nothing was taking place there, though:

A sign is still missing:

We never noticed this sign before. It is located in front of Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls:

Camp Jurassic:

The water play area was completely refurbished. This is BEFORE:



  1. We were just there yesterday, camp Jurassic has so many of its outdoor lighting elements not working. The torches were working though. its is a great place at night.

  2. "This attractions lap bars may not accommodate guests with certain body dimensions" i.e "fat people look elsewhere?"

  3. Sorry to say, but the folks that think this place rocks are delusional. Who are you kidding?

  4. Is this a genuine pun or just a funny mistake ?
    In England we call the restroom " The Loo".
    So seeing Loo's Lodge above the restrooms is hilarious to us.

  5. I'm sure Loo's Lodge is an intended joke. We might not call it the loo here, but most Americans know that the Brits call it that.

  6. Why do you call them rest rooms and not toilets?


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