Hollywood Studios: New FastPass+ Test at Fantasmic!

During a test at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Guests attending Fantasmic! will be encouraged to visit a FastPass+ kiosk prior to show time for a same-day FastPass+ ticket with a specific section, row, or seat. During this test, pre-arrival and onsite FastPass+ selections (via the My Disney Experience site/app) will not be available for the show. Guests will have to visit a FastPass+ kiosk once inside the park in order to receive a FastPass+ ticket for that day’s show.

The test schedule is currently expected to be divided into three parts:
  • Seat test: July 21-22
  • Row test: July 23-24
  • Section test: July 27-28
On the first day of each test, Fantasmic! Guests will receive a FastPass+ ticket with their section, row, or seat. On the second day, Guests will receive a FastPass+ ticket with their section, row, or seat and will also be able to view a theater map at the kiosk.

If a Guest arrives more than 35 minutes prior to show time and FastPass+ tickets are still available, Cast will direct the Guest to the nearest FastPass+ kiosk to receive their FastPass+ ticket.

Some frequently asked questions regarding this test:

Do I need a FastPass+ ticket with a specific section, row or seat to attend the show?
No. However, if you do not have a FastPass+ ticket, you will need to wait in the standby line. 

Can I book a FastPass+ selection for Fantasmic! through My Disney Experience? 
During this time, FastPass+ selections will not be available on My Disney Experience for shows on July 21-25, July 27-29 and Aug. 11-13. However, you can still visit a FastPass+ kiosk prior to show time in order to receive a FastPass+ ticket that includes a specific section, row or seat.

I already booked a FastPass+ selection. Can I still use my entitlement during this period? 
If you already booked a FastPass+ selection on My Disney Experience, please enter the Fantasmic! theater through the Tower Gate (located near the Tower of Terror gift shop) to redeem your entitlement.

I visited a FastPass+ kiosk and received a FastPass+ ticket with my seat. When should I return? 
We recommend you return anytime within 15-35 minutes prior to the show.

I did not receive a FastPass+ ticket and will wait in the standby line. When should I return? 
We recommend you return anytime within 15-35 minutes prior to the show.


  1. What if you have a fantastic dinner package during that test period?

  2. This seems like a nightmare! This is not a small theater by any means. You have hundreds of people funneling in looking to find a seat. Now add on the fact that they will also be looking for a SPECIFIC aisle, row, and seat number? There was nothing wrong with the old system. This is just adding more of a headache of everybody involved. Guest wanting a front row are going to have to fight with this new system to get it versus just arriving early and cast members are going to have to deal with more upset guests when they don't get a seat they want. Why can't Disney just let things be?

  3. Its a curious test. But many live performances, sports venues, etc have assigned seats - the public is used to that. There were things wrong with the old system, of course there were. Start with the group that ignores CM instructions and stops in the middle, or wherever they want, on a row. Anyway..

    This: "cast members are going to have to deal with more upset guests when they don't get a seat they want"

    These upset guests should just be politely told life is not fair, they don't always get what they want and here's some seats. If they can't handle that, a polite two finger point to the exit. I have little tolerance for the whining entitlement crowd who think they can bully their way around all the time playing victim.

  4. This is an excellent plan. Every day in every city people are assigned seats for sporting events and broadway shows and guess what, they can find their seats. Many seats get wasted at Fantasmic right now because once the crowd filters in you dont know what seats are open, being saved, etc. This change will save a lot of stress and ensure the theater is used to its maximum.

  5. I wouldn't be happy with a seat at the front as we started to sit here in 2007 and the spray from the screen mists was soaking us so loads of guests and us moved further back lucky it was that packed.

  6. Section choice and row choice could work. But seat choice? Not here. Assigning individual seats cannot work here, this is not like a theater auditorium, the benches here are very close together and people simply walk over the benches when they don't like where they are. You cannot get to a specific seat or group of seats with a hole in the middle of the bench say, because the bench might be full in either direction based on when people arrive. Add to that people who don't like their spot who did get to "Their seats" will wait until nobody is looking to get up and move, walking over the benches down closer to the water. Chaos ensues when that row CMs catches them lots of yelling, now how do they move back up 2 or 3 rows? Individual seats in this space is simply ridiculous. You would have to have 3 or 4 CMs watching every single bnech in each section like a hawk, and say you implement that, now you're going to have CMs screaming at guests for the 60 to 90 minutes before the show instead of all the distraction activities happening. Nobody is going to like all that screaming not the guests and not the CMs. Half the CMs assigned to that task will give up and walk away in total frustration within about 30 minutes. It is too late now to implement the concept of individual seats in this space without a redesign. Sorry Disney and Good Luck to the guests and CMs who have to try the "seats" test.

  7. This testing starts today? I'd like to hear some feedback from anyone who's tried it.

    My one question is what happens if someone books this, then decides to cancel?


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