Universal Orlando Rumors: New NBC Themed Attraction

In the past few months, some Universal Orlando fan sites reported some rumors that pointed to having a possible NBC Experience coming to the Garden of Allah Villas, a themed area located in the Hollywood section of Universal Studios.
While quite a few sources have confirmed that this will, indeed, be an NBC-themed attraction, we could soon see something being installed in the area that would finally officially confirm the theme and nature of this "mysterious" addition.

One of our Universal Orlando sources shared the following message with us in the past few days:
Hey there guys! I know it's been a while since I've written in. Things have been slow here in the parks as of recently. Besides the constant refurbishment of buildings and sidewalks nothing really exciting has been happening. I do have some interesting news though.

Overnight, signs were delivered for the Garden of Allah [area]. These signs consisted of the famous NBC peacock tail with no wording on it, a standby entrance sign with a wait time counter, and an Express entrance sign (they didn't install the signs yet due to technical difficulties). Looks like an NBC attraction of some sort was correct. Wish I had more to give.
If this report is correct, it sounds like this attraction may be more elaborate that we thought. Offering Express for what is expected to be a minor attraction seems quite surprising. While the building has been expanded, it still occupies a small footprint; that being said, Universal Orlando has been able to really surprise us in the past few years. Who knows what they have in store for us...

While we wait to learn more about this new attraction, let's take a look around the area, shall we?:

This was the main entrance of the old AT&T exhibit. It closed many years ago:

Notice the new pole installed next to the building. Will it soon hold a sign?:

A section of the area facing Central Park is now wall-free:

As you can see, the majority of the building is still mostly empty:

The rest of the area is still behind walls:

New awnings have been installed above the new main entrance for the future new attraction/exhibit:

Moving around:

A peek above the walls (photos taken from a Guest area):

Notice the small, new lights that have been installed around the garden:

It is a really nice area. We are glad to see that it will soon be used as a Guest area:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, we would like to thank our source for keeping us up-to-date in regards to what is happening behind the scenes at the Universal Orlando Resort. See you again soon!


  1. Could it be a possible meet and greet where you can meet real Hollywood stars??

  2. My wife and I were asked to watch episodes of new TV series and get paid to review them. Somewhere across from Terminator. The lady continued to explain that this operation will soon be located at the newer Garden of Allah Villas. For: NBC, Comcast, Universal.

  3. That attraction would actually be so stupid.

  4. I would guess that the neon sign will be removed soon? Its a nice zone but the name for that zone is not going to be called Garden Of Alta anymore?

  5. Oh yeah... She also said the Garden of Allah Villas would open in Nov. The reviewing of "never before seen shows" would include biometric scanning to detect your emotional response to the shows. Also, Nintendo would be moving in in April to invite guests to test their video games with biometric sensors to determine what elements of their games we like. This must be for planning Nintendo themed areas of IOA. All while getting paid somewhere around $20 an hour. If this employee explained this to me, it must be true. In addition to whatever else they might be putting in there.


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