Port Orleans Resort: New Merchandise and More Updates

Disney's Port Orleans Resort is undoubtedly one of the most beloved moderate resort found at Walt Disney World. Multiple special events take place year-round at the hotel, and new resort-specific merchandise continues to be added to the stores' offerings on a regular basis. This is a positive trend, of course.
A few days ago, one of our Readers contacted us to let us know that a few more items were recently added. Additionally, there are other news you should know.

The Screen Art Print on composite wood backing sign with “Patisserie” written on it is priced at $69.95:

The women’s t-shirt now available at the location is resort specific. They have fleur-de-lis imprinted on them and are priced at $34.95. The location is expected to also receive a matching women’s hoody:

More miscellaneous news from the resort:
  • Dasani water (16.9 fl. Oz. bottle) that was previously priced at $2.50 is now being sold at $2.75;
  • All beverages (except for liquor and wine) went up in price by .25ȼ on Sunday, 31st May, 2015;
  • New Rapid-Fill mugs are being tested out at The Riverside Mill food court. 
That is all for now. A big thank you to our anonymous Reader for providing us these interesting news.

PHOTOS BY: Anonymous Orlando Theme Park News Reader.


  1. New Rapidfill cups?? How can you say that with no picture???

  2. We will have to stop by the resort soon!

  3. I would appreciate that, I would love to get a new design in September!

  4. Yes a trip report with pictures of all the cool items sounds like a must.